Michelle Yeoh

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Date of Birth: 06/08/1962

Age: 54

Birthplace: Ipoh

Citizenship: Hong Kong


Start a career

Michelle Yeoh was born August 6, 1962 (the year of the black / water tiger on east calendar) in Ipoh, Perak sultanate, Malaysia, in the ethnic Chinese family (father - lawyer, mother - a housewife). As a child she was very athletic and passionately fond of dancing. At the age of four, she began studying ballet. In the 15 years accompanied by parents she comes to London, where she was enrolled in a special boarding school. Later Yeoh arrives at the London Royal Academy of Dance, where he began studying ballet. However, a spinal injury put an end to her dream of becoming a prima ballerina, because of what she had to shift their interest from classical ballet to stage dance and other arts. Upon completion of the Academy Yeoh he received a Bachelor of Arts with a major in choreography and drama.

In 1983, Michelle Yeoh became the winner of the beauty contest "Miss Malaysia", thus appeared in a television commercial with Jackie Chan which caught the attention of start-up company for the production of films, called D & B Films. She also represented Malaysia in a beauty contest Miss World 1983 in London.

Her career in Hong Kong, unlike the heroes of "Benefiting" genre films of Jackie Chan and Chow Yun-fat, started with a few commercials for Charles Jordan before she was offered a contract to shoot the film "Owl and Bambo" (1984). Branding Charles Jourdan in Hong Kong engaged in group D & B, which was led by Yeoh`s future husband Dickson Poon (Dickson Poon). In 1988, after his marriage to Punom, the actress left the profession. However, after three years, and the couple divorced in 1992, Yeoh returned to filming again. Her first film after his return was "Police Story 3" (1992), the shooting of which is partially held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

The path to glory

Yeoh started her film career, acting in action movies and films of martial arts, such as the "Heroic Trio" (1993) and movies Yen Woo-Ping`s "Man of Tai Chi" and "Wing Chun" (1994). Interestingly, Yeo never specifically dealt with martial arts. By performing various stunts in the films (many of which were designed by herself), she relies on her dance training and instructors on the set. [1].

Like many other Hong Kong stars Yeoh was trying to break into Hollywood. She played a major role - the role of Wei Lin - in the James Bond film "Tomorrow Never Dies" (1997), as well as a role in the film prepared by known Ang Lee`s "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" (2000). After that, she was offered the role of the Seraphim in the second and third parts of "The Matrix", but she refused because of inconsistencies in the schedule. Subsequently, the writers of "The Matrix" have replaced the image of the Seraphim of the male character and the role was Collin Chou.

In 2002, she staged her first film in English - "touch" the forces of his own film company

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