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In the 21 years of sports career Michel Brent managed to turn sports into a kind of lifestyle. Not relaxing even in the offseason ,it shows impressive results ; perhaps large rewards from it is escape, but the Brent obviously quite happy with my form.

Michel Brent has always been a very, very special sports ; in the school, she was active in softball, volleyball, tennis and hockey. In college, Michelle time sports was less - too many forces took up studies ; however, Brent studied physical education, so that absolutely disappeared from the standpoint of athletic career this time it was impossible to name - Michelle learned a lot about how to deal with a variety of sports and howhow to train the new sports other.

After graduating from college in the life of a lull Brent - she wanted to participate in something interesting, but could not. For a while, Michelle worked in a bakery ; once there came a very muscular man. Having bought cookies, he retired ; Michelle they crossed glances ,but talk did not bother - while Brent remained confident that her physique had time to assess the client.

The turning point in the life of Brent came after a visit to a nearby gym - to Michelle invited friend at work. It ranged gym just around the corner, so that the output to Brent agreed relatively easily. It was in the gym and Michelle met her already familiar strongman ; with him here as his wife worked. The couple not only shared a love of bodybuilding - they also took part in the doubles competition. Here, Michel met with Cory Everson (Cory Everson) - ` 1985` Miss Olympia. In this atmosphere of bygone love for the sport blossomed new color ;Michelle realized that simply must take part in any event - and eventually found the strength to continued employment. The debut was not quite successful - only 2 classes were represented in the selected Brent match, and indeed the Michelle while little understood in the tricks of weighing, and other important things for an athlete. As a result, Brent fell into the category of ` heavy ves` and overall was only on the 6th place. However, and eogo was enough in order to captivate Michel sports.

In 1986, Brent passed 3 qualifying competition series; Then, at the Super Bowl in San Jose, she managed to win the competition in the middleweight.Here, Michel met with promoter Paul Lavom (Paul Love), with whom they became friends in earnest. Following were the Championship of Northern California and the state championship ; In both cases, Brent was able to successfully take the first place. After that, Michel went to the national level of competition ;not really succeeded - and do not even try to ` 15` Small - Michelle still not disappointed. Serve in large competitions and she went on - is gradually showing more and more impressive results.

Michel Brent begins to engage in a classic case ` 3 / 1` ;in this mode each part of her body received its load at least twice a week. The focus on Brent made those muscles, which is considered the weakest. Subsequently, the training scheme Brent rethought

; Now she trains a day 1-2 of the case on the overall program of 5 days of training. Of course,Michel does not forget about the stress on the cardiovascular system ; In addition, it is every workout includes a number of exercises for abdominal muscles. Of course, before competitions it is time to strengthen the load - while Brent trains 6 days a week, focusing on the weakest parts of the body.

Of course,a big role in the life of Michelle plays proper nutrition ; her diet is laid out so that the proteins, carbohydrates and fats eaten correlated to the proportion of 60-30-10. Even during dieting before new contests Brent adheres to the same circuit ; but sometimes it is a little while disclaims carbohydrates - going back to it after the competition ,in order to return to normal metabolism. Like many athletes, Brent tries to drink a day enough water.

Food additives Brent to take the start at once ; in fact, about how to nihznala Michel, only becoming the owner of your own gym in 1996. After almost 10 years of active sports Brent finally began using additional drugs - like creatine, glutamine and additional protein.

Michel Brent admits that for her bodybuilding - especially the ability to keep yourself in good shape ; Michelle believes that this sport will enable it to maintain for a long time the body 20years. Athlete asserts that her chosen discipline allows you to perform at major competitions exactly as long as the person does not wish to leave the sport - and this has a very positive effect on the condition of the body as a whole. For Michelle Brent end to his sports career is still very, very far ;at the moment the athlete actively hunt for the title `Pro`. Having won the coveted title, Brent wants to continue to act in a new status - is only for their own pleasure.

Members who wish to succeed in the world of bodybuilding, often seek the advice of professionals. Michel Brent saysthat one of the main secrets of her - the reluctance to relax between seasons. Experience shows that too strive for increasing weight is also not necessary - most often the result is not justified.

1987th Michelle missed completely - this is the year was born her son Kyle. In 1988, Brent returned to service ; almost immediately it showedthat the former has not lost form by taking second place at the Los Angeles Championships. The 1989th Michelle became the third tournament in the US, in the 1989th - 4th in `Nationals`. In 1994, Brent took 2nd place in the Championship of North America. In 1995, Michelle opened her own gym ; then she went out briefly at a higher weight class ,almost immediately returned to Welterweight.

Despite the fact that the very impressive results Brent can not boast, it is impressive experience - in the 2007th Michel said the 21- th year of his active sports career.

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