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specialist in human happiness

Michel Gilan - American psychologist and entrepreneur, specialist in `schastya` science and human potential. Best known as the founder of the Institute of Applied Positive Research, which conducted the analysis of the links between positive thinking and success in business, health and harmonious relationships.

Education Michel Gilan received within the walls of Tufts University and the University of Pennsylvania; First she earned a bachelor`s degree in computer science, in the second - Master`s degree in Applied Positive Psychology. In the future, Michel spent some time at the University of Sydney in Australia; In addition, she studied journalism at the University of California Los Angeles.

In July 2008, Michelle became a member of Gilan `CBS News` program instructions. In 2009, Michel has already conducted and produced for CBS project `Happy Week`; as part of the show, aired during the week, Gilan collected interviews and shared information somehow related to happiness.

Happiness Michel Gilan sought wherever they could - in everyday life, in interpersonal relationships, in the workplace and at home; Gilan paid special attention to issues of search of happiness and positivity in the most difficult, unpleasant moments. Broadcast new episodes of this project under the `Up to the Minute`.

on CBS did not work for the Gjilan first experience in the media industry; woman for some time worked as a reporter and auxiliary master station `WFLD` in Chicago, Illinois (Chicago, Illinois). Michelle worked in the subsidiary project NBC, `KTSM`, in El Paso, Texas (El Paso, Texas); Here she performed as a reporter `wide profilya` and led news morning show. In general, journalistic career began in Los Angeles (Los Angeles); Gilan then worked in a California school news projects nationwide `Channel One News`.

It is also known that Gjilan cooperates with the project `Leading India`s Future Today` as a volunteer and sits on the board of the program` Living Values ??Education`.

In January 2010, the men`s magazine `Manolith.com` included Michel in its rating` 40 Sexiest Women in the US novostey`.

One of the most famous projects was the company Michel Gilan `Good Think Inc.`, Consulting firm, where Michel has been consulting services, organizes seminars and make presentations; dedicated to these seminars and presentations primarily on positive psychology and its positive impact on the efficiency of labor. To evaluate the effectiveness of work `positive psihologov` themselves can be by examining a list of their clients; to the present moment Michelle had the opportunity to work with a number of companies from the ranking `Fortune 500`. Among the clients of Gilan were such famous companies as `Bank of America`, `American Express`, `Northwestern Memorial Hospital`, `Boston Children` s Hospital `,` KPMG `and` Crain `s Chicago Business`. Studies conducted Gilan and its successes in the field of consultation has not been the subject of discussion on the major news channels and media; Michelle spoke about `Forbes`, `USA Today`, `CNN`, `FOX` and `NPR`.

Continue to cooperate with the TV channels Michel Gilan and to this day. She now holds the position of executive producer of the special project PBS `The Happiness Advantage`. Previously, Michelle worked actively to news projects `CBS News` and acted as a correspondent for the show` The Early Show`. In 2011, Gillan launched na`FOX News Chicago` own weekly show about the health and well-being, `Manic Monday`.

The main occupation for Michel Gilan still applied positive psychology. As one of the founders of the Institute of Applied Positive Research Gilan became an expert on the use of positive attitudes towards various aspects of human activity; Michelle knows about happiness, perhaps more than any other person on the planet.

How regularly confirms Gilan, happiness - is not only a great goal in itself; judicious use a positive approach to life allows you to dramatically improve your efficiency in a variety of initiatives, projects and experiments. Whatever you are doing, and what would be neither sought, better do it in a good mood - and then your business will go uphill much faster than you might assume it is in the most optimistic dreams. Gilan does not apply to those who seriously believes in the power of positive thinking itself and is unlikely to support those wishing to create optimism miracles, but deny that a good mood seriously increases the creative and working capacity, it can not.

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