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Ode carbohydrates: simple and complex

a new wave of experts began to explain, like bread and pasta can help you lose weight. Before our eyes ends the era of the demonization of carbohydrates.

Fear of carbohydrates called karbofobiey has not only theoretical. Just last year in the UK sales of major brands of bread, `Warburtons`,` Hovis` and `Kingsmill`, decreased by 121 million pounds, compared with the previous year.

Despite the attacks on the carbohydrates and the growing number of those who refuse to include carbohydrates in your diet, experts on nutrition of the new generation are now talking about how `vinovniki` hated excess centimeters at the waist, on the contrary, will help you lose weight.

`Carbohydrates can definitely help you realize your desire to lose weight - said the nutritionist, Dr. Michael Wade, founder of` The Food Effect`, consulting services on nutrition.

`Without carbs your body will keep the excess fat, as will feel that is not the main source of energii`.

`In fact, the rejection of carbohydrates can slow down your metabolism and fat burning process, which will be the biggest obstacle on the road to weight loss. Your body needs carbohydrates to function properly obrazom`.

Wade adds: `Do not try to eliminate from your diet all flour. This is the biggest myth of diet, the biggest dietary disaster! `.

What causes karbofobiya?

For muscle cramps, low energy, fatigue, poor mental function, addiction to certain foods, constipation, moodiness. All of the above is too serious to continue to cut back on the consumption of carbohydrates.

`Carbohydrates - the main source of energy for the body, so necessary for all types of physical activity, - does not cease to repeat Michel. - It`s about cardio and strength training. Abandon carbohydrates - and your energy levels will start padat`.

`As a result of the reduced level of your body stored carbohydrates (glycogen) will decrease in the production capacity of` strength and moschi`, so your workout will bring useless useless rezultaty`.

`Carbohydrates from whole grains - an important source of iron, magnesium and B vitamins All of this is of paramount importance in the maintenance of an adequate level of energy and functioning myshts`.

By abstaining from carbohydrates also suffers brain. To feel in shape and maintain a clear mind, a person needs glycogen.

Wade said: `Once lost glycogen, your body breaks down fats and resorting to carbon compounds called ketonam`.

`This leads to dry mouth, bad breath, weakness, fatigue, dizziness, nausea and blurred consciousness. You may even feel as if picked gripp`.

`In the end, your body adjusts to the ketones work, and you even get used to it, but, of course, will hobble your level of activity. Ketones - is not the preferred fuel source for organizma`.

Carbohydrates are also important in the revitalization process of balancing your hormones that affect literally everything - on sleep, sex drive and mood.

`Carbohydrates, including unrefined carbohydrates from whole grains, increase the levels of the hormone serotonin, responsible for good health mozga` - explains Wade.

`So when you trim your intake of carbohydrates, fruits and whole grains, your mental health and happiness also come under otkos`.

Frankly, abstaining from carbohydrates can lead to weight loss, but the results are often temporary. And if you come back again later to carbohydrates, the consequences of such `skachkov` may shock you.

Michelle says: `When you reduce carbohydrate intake, you can really find out how quickly, as if by magic, began to decrease your ves`.

`Enthusiasm adds watching how the graph falling down figures. In general, a similar love to keep everything. But losing weight quickly grind to a halt - you reach plato`.

`When the body realizes that there is a shortage of food, it goes into` golodaniya` mode and your metabolism will automatically start to slow down, to spend as little as possible energii`.

`But when you return carbohydrates (due to the fact that in the long run to keep the planned food plan heavy), you gain weight, even more than usual, because all your metabolism slowed down and weakened the body`s ability to burn zhiry`.

What else do you need to know about carbohydrates?

Earlier in 2016 eating habits were analyzed in 150,000 households in the UK. It was found that over the past 40 years, the number of white bread eaten upalos 25 to 15 pieces a week.

White bread falls into the category of `prostyh` carbohydrates, along with cakes, biscuits, potatoes and white rice. These white, refined and processed carbohydrates justifiably earned a bad reputation.

`Simple carbohydrates are made up of one or two sugar molecules are broken down quickly and rapidly digested - because of the simple-structure - Michelle says. - As a rule, just as quickly rises krovi` sugar.

`Glucose provides instant energy, but if this energy does not burn or use up quickly, and if the above products do not eat immediately before a workout, then carbohydrates will turn into fats and will accumulate. This will lead to weight gain and potential problems with zdorovem`.

Much better behave relatives of simple carbohydrates - complex carbohydrates, which include brown rice, sweet potatoes, oatmeal and wheat bread whole grain.

The slower breakdown of carbohydrates conserves energy longer.

`These carbohydrates have a more complex molecular structure and consist of long chains of molecules sahara` - Wade explains.

`Because these carbohydrates take longer to convert, they are constantly used by the body, but not at once transformed and stored in fat form, if not eaten in large quantities. The importance of having a number of sedennogo`.

Determine what benefit will eating carbohydrates helps glycemic index (GI). For the most preferred food with a low glycemic index.