Michel Warschawski

Picture of Michel Warschawski

Age: 66

Place of birth: Strasbourg

Citizenship: Israel


Warsaw was born in Strasbourg in Rabbi family, who fled from Poland. At age 19 he moved to Jerusalem. Being a student at the Hebrew University, he came in 1968 in the ultra-group "Matzpen". In 1970 he travels to Europe, where he met with leaders of Palestinian political organizations. As a result of the split "Matzpen" in 1972, he became the leader of the Jerusalem organization, which in 1975 takes the name of the Revolutionary Communist League and become Israeli sektsieyChetvertogo International.

As an active participant in the civil rights movement, the Warsaw in the early 1980s was one of the founders of the Committee of Solidarity with the University Birtseyt, located on the West Bank. Committee organized public meetings, press conferences, demonstrations, art exhibitions and others. In the future, was one of the leaders of the Committee against