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Date of birth: 18.09.1988

Age: 28

Place of birth: Dushanbe (Tajikistan)

Citizenship: Russia


Winner of the "Golden Ram" in the category of best children`s role (1997, for the film "Thief")

Winner of the Special Jury Prize acting trio (together with V. Mashkov and E. Rednikova) at the I International Film Festival in Tallinn (1998, for the film "Thief")

A promising debut

Misha was seven years old when the assistant director chose him among the other first-graders for the filming of "Jumble". However, in "Jumble" and it is not approved, but the photos were Paul Chuhraev. He was looking for an artist on a major role Sanka boy in his new film "The Thief". The blue-eyed boy with a touching chelochkoy immediately liked the director, and Mike was approved.

The film tells the dramatic story of a family in the postwar years. The main roles in addition Misha Filipchuk played Vladimir Mashkov and Catherine Rednikova. And yet, not a great game of famous actors, namely, childlike, multiplied by the undoubted acting talent Misha Filipchuk, contributed to the great success of the film.

The film has collected many of the most winning. He was even nominated for an "Oscar" in the category "Best Foreign Film". Not spared and Misha. However, at the 54th International Venice Film Festival due to the age limit of the prize he received. But it was marked by awards at the festival in Tallinn in 1998, and at the festival "Constellation-97".

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