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Date of Birth: 05/02/1923

Age: 82

Place of birth: Moscow

Citizenship: Russia



Mikhail Orlov was born in Moscow on 5 February 1923. His mother was an actress. His father worked in the field of culture. Both were cast with a higher education. Since childhood, the little Misha began to show extraordinary creative talent for drawing, sculpture, acting.

During the war,

After school, the war began. At this time, in the summer of 1941. Michael was in Zhitomir in Ukraine, where he was invited to work as an actor in musical theater, and where he was on a business trip, his father.

Emergency evacuation began. Under heavy fire and fierce bombardment by the enemy, theater staff, together with all the inhabitants of the town and surrounding villages were retreating to the East. Many died because they did not have enough transport, trains, but Michael and miraculously survived, undergoing an incredible test, a month still to get to Moscow. At this time stayed Drama Theatre named Revolution in Moscow, after the evacuation of all the theaters, where they worked such stars as Valentin Serov, Rostislav Plyatt, poet and playwright Konstantin Simonov. Michael poured into this team and with these actors in favor of the soldiers, often leaving the front line, working sometimes under fire and bombing.

In 1943. Mikhail Orlov goes to study at the theater school at the Moscow Art Theater of the USSR Gorky. He studied in the same group as such, who later became well-known actors as Druzhnikov, Pugovkin, Tarhanov, Davydov, Lyubimov. Along with his studies Michael works at the Moscow Drama Theatre under the direction of N.M.Gorchakova, and together with other young actors actively involved in the defense and protection of the Moscow bombing.

Time was heavy. Theaters were not heated, Grimm stiffened so that it becomes unusable. Hunger could hardly stand on his feet, the cold did not want to move, but still played so that charged all audiences with its warmth, energy, optimism, which, of course, a great help to these people, judging by the reviews, endure all the tests, some on front, someone in the rear.

Working in the theater in the post-war years

After the war in 1945-1946. Michael, as we have an experienced and talented actor, invited to work for the leading roles the famous Soviet director Alexander Yakovlevich Tairov in the Chamber Theatre. Here Michael showed great vocal. He participates in many musical performances, and at the end of 1946. he was invited to star in the Moscow Operetta Theater, where he worked until 1959., under the direction of renowned director IM Tumanov. It combines work in the theater with performances on stage. Among his partners Tatiana Shmyga Vera Volsky.


In 1959. Michael is invited to the movies for the lead role of Zahara Psaltyreva in the film "Captain of the first rank." The role was a very big and serious, so Michael had to leave the theater and completely immerse yourself in a movie. Since that time he removed a lot. His ability to find subtle psychological nuances that reveal the subtext of the role of good taste, a great capacity for work, the actor`s charisma and great physique gives him frequent invitations to capture critical roles in different studios of the country.

Pop activity

In between filming Mikhail Orlov was invited to the studio theater actor, where at that time worked all our movie stars. With exceptional vocal abilities, he was engaged mainly in the musical performances, as well as served as a concert performer pop songs and film songs.

The theater went to a lot of patronage performances in military units. Mikhail Ivanovich was awarded the "Excellent cultural patronage over the Armed Forces of the USSR", for a concert of military patronage job.

Mikhail Orlov, has always had a very diverse, interesting variety program. His performances were a great success. In addition, in 1965. he comes a remarkable event - it connects her life with him a favorite of the woman, the actress Larisa Myshkovskoy. They decide to work together with recitals on stage. Performances were held throughout the Union, until the Sakhalin Island.

Ride with concerts in different cities and republics accounted for 8-9 months a year, so in 1968. Mikhail Orlov leaves the Mosfilm Film Actor of the theater and his new creative start, no less interesting, but hard work. We worked in the cold (Karelia Siberia, -45 degrees.) And heat (Tashkent, Kazakhstan +40) .Iskolesili many ways, both good and bad: for wide highways and mountain passes, and sometimes getting in a situation dangerous for life.

Concert saturated nice rooms, scenes, duets, contemporary songs, but still showing a fragment of his film took place everywhere and always "a great success". In every city, wherever he came with the speech, about him and his partner`s written in the press, they are always awarded with certificates of honor of party and public organizations. Worked with concerts not only in large urban areas are responsible, but also in villages, collective and state farms, factories to the workers of the so-called program "The work at noon." A lot of joy they brought to the people with their performances, in which there was a lot of humor, satire, and most importantly - great acting. The concert was called "Forward, Maestro Laughter!".


Unfortunately, in 1991. Mikhail Orlov had to stop work due to serious illness. Mikhail Ivanovich gave the scene 50 years. Half a century he charged people light energy and enthusiasm that help to live. Mikhail Orlov was awarded government awards, and as a veteran of work, and as a Member of the invisible front war for acting work in the line of fire.

Mikhail Orlov, passed away November 22, 2005. He was 82 years old. He lived an interesting, difficult, but very useful for our country and our people`s lives. His memory will forever remain in our hearts.

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