Michael Verevkin

Picture of Michael Verevkin

Age: 63

Place of birth: a. Pokrovskoye

Citizenship: Russia


Place of the landed gentry. He studied at the Naval Cadet Corps (1742-1748). He served as a midshipman in the Navy (1751), the ship`s Secretary (1753) .Verevkin (Mikhail) - was born in 1732 in the village of the Intercession of the Klin district, Moscow province. Having lost his father in the eighth year of life, Veryovkin was given in the Marine Corps, where he finished a midshipman course. In 1755, upon the establishment of the Moscow University, he left the Navy and was determined together with II in Melissino comrades to the curator of the University Ivan Shuvalov, and in 1758 in Kazan comrades governor and directors in Tarabya gymnasium, which he had personally and open. Seeing the plight of their pets - a gymnasium was not quite achieved in material terms, - the director offered to parents to send students to school supplies kind. Denounced Veryovkin been set aside for it, and only a long investigation opened his nevinnost.On went to his village Mikhalev in the Klin district, and lived there, farming and literature until the Pugachev rebellion. Then he went to Count Panin nachalnikomkantselyarii and engaged in, among other things, the distribution of benefits to victims of bunta.Videopismo - YandeksVideo Returning then back to Mikhalev, he, at the behest of the Empress Catherine II, translated "Memoirs of the Duke of Sully" (Moscow, 1770-1776) .Vposledstvii Veryovkin was a translator at the office of her Majesty, adviser of the Novgorod provincial government and, finally, the chairman of the Tver Chamber of the civil Court. At the suggestion of Princess Dashkova was elected in 1782 a corresponding member of the Imperial Academy of Sciences, and in 1785. - A member of the Russian Academy. He died in 1795 g.Literaturnaya Verevkina activity consisted mainly in the translation; their long list placed in the "Moskvityanin" (1842, Book VI). They were made on the instructions of the Empress and her account were published in favor Verevkina. He also wrote poems and composed a comedy, "as it should" (Wiley, 1773). This comedy contains a lot of original and indicates the author`s talent and observation. He also composed "Description Catherine`s waters in the Astrakhan province" (Wiley, 1780). MM