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Date of Birth: 06/29/1981

Age: 35

Place of birth: Moscow

Citizenship: Russia

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Mikhail Tarabukin - a native of the capital (29 June 1981). His mother, a pediatrician by profession, soon broke up with the father of Misha, a famous musician, but later met a man who was the beloved husband for her dad and caring for the child. Childhood Michael was the most common, except for the sad fact that the boy was constantly suffering from attacks of allergic asthma. Doctors advised to limit physical activity, and sedentary and Misha grew fat kid, who also constantly demanded supervision; at the same time he was very fond of American fighters and admired Chuck Norris. In 16 years, Michael realized he did not want to go through life tolstyachkom painful. He began to train yourself - pressing and tightened regularly visited the pool, tried to practice martial arts. The miracle did not happen, man was no athlete, but the disease has receded, but the appearance and physical characteristics have improved so much that after graduation Mikhail Tarabukin successfully passed the most difficult competition in the famous Shchukin Theater School. The actor admitted that he took this decision spontaneously, after the huge success as the lead in the school prom, though before that planned to enter the Faculty of Geography of the Pedagogical Institute.

Michael first appeared on the screen, while still a sophomore. In the film `Two tovarischa`, where he played the role of the Shred, one of the central characters, his partners were shooting novice wizard screen Julia Nazarenko and Andrey Panin. The film was received quite cool, but acting debut Tarabukina can be considered successful - he drew it to the attention of directors. In subsequent years, Michael has become a very popular actor. Immediately after the `Two tovarischey` he starred in the second season of the series` Secret znak`, and the screen image Ches did Michael recognizable and popular.

In 2002, Mikhail Tarabukin participated in the five television projects, among them the rating among Russian viewers insurgent `Code chesti`. In the third season of the series (the output on screens in 2006) Mikhail Kudryavtsev played. Most played their roles at the time can not be classified as primary, but the young actor has gained invaluable professional experience. With Michael cooperated even Western producers - in 2004 he played in the American action movie `Last blyuz` where his partners are the set of Gary Busey and Eric Roberts.

Among the many subsequent works Tarabukina - `Voyna` Alexei Balabanov,` Soldiers-3`, `Fourth zhelanie`. Particularly noticeable was the film `I love tebya` (2004), awarded the Berlin Prize of the festival, which has played a role Tarabukin Lelik. He increasingly began to appear in the highest-rated series - `Happy vmeste`, Advokat`` `Lily serebristyy`,` Soldaty`.

The `Russian Business veka` XXI (2005), played a central role Tarabukin `Virusa`. Subsequently, he performed the role of the main characters in the films `Do not Think About White obezyan` (2008),` Oh, schastlivchik` (2009), `Desantura` (series 2009), and other well-known projects.

However, the greatest popularity suddenly brought Mikhail Tarabukin `morskaya` topic. For the first time he had to wear a vest playing Tychkin-Corkscrew in `lousy ovtsah` (2010), only because it is so decided costume. It was followed in the `Reef Marine dyavolah` (2011) and, finally, the famous `Kuhnya` (from 2012 on channel CTC), where cheerful jokes master Fyodor constantly tells stories about his naval adventure and deftly managed with marine fish. The actor admits that in the course of filming, he himself learned to skillfully prepare, especially fish and seafood, but merry and did not - in the role of comedian Michael appears only on the screen.

Among recent works Tarabukina - Sailor in the `Polar reyse` (21013), the continuation of` Maritime dyavolov`, `` Kuhni` parizhskaya` series, a remake of the `Caucasian plennitsy` (all 2014). Actor willing to share their creative plans, but says nothing about his personal life. Despite the novel by Mikhail active discussion with Ukrainian singer Tanya Antoniuk in 2010 -2012 years., Currently on his intimate relationship with someone not known.

Author: Andrew Puminov

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