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Age: 70

Place of birth: Podolsk

Citizenship: Russia


Born in 1910 in Podolsk. He was a disciple of the musician and educator Nicholas Garnovskii. He graduated from the School of the Theater. Vakhtangov. In the 1927-49 biennium. - Actor and then director of Theater. Eugene. Vakhtangov. I played in such performances as "The Man with a Gun" Pogodin, "Yegor Bulychev and Others" Gorky`s "Much Ado About Nothing" by Shakespeare, etc. Since 1949 -. The actor and director Mossovet. I put on the stage of the theater play "Three" by Maxim Gorky, who, as noted by theater critics, "became an important milestone in the creation of great social, philosophical drama." In 1963-65. - Artistic director of the theater "Romen". Among the notable roles in the film - a sailor Nikolay Zhukov heroic drama Igor Savchenko "Ivan Nikulin - Russian sailor", journalist Roshin comedy Grigory Alexandrov "Spring", the conductor Sergei Tomakurov in the film Ivan Pyreva "Ballad of Siberia" and others.

He was married to the niece of the Stanislavsky - the actress Alla Vasilyevna Sevastianova (1903-1994). However, it has produced a book of memoirs "highways and byways" (published by the WTO, 1982).

He died in Moscow in 1980. He was buried in the cemetery of Vedeno.


1. Next to us - 1931

2. The Law of Life - 1940

3. Ivan Nikulin - Russian sailor - 1944 - Nikolay Zhukov

4. Oath - 1946

5. Spring - 1947 - Roshin

6. Ballad of Siberia - 1947 - Sergei Tomakurov

7. Fall of Berlin - 1949 - Shtemenko

8. Communist - 1957

9. Resurrection - 1960-61 - lawyer

10. Two years on the precipice - 1966

11. Anna Karenina - 1967

12. Error Honore de Balzac - 1968

13. Shield and Sword - 1968

14. Prince Igor - 1969 - cheekbone

15. Family Kotsyubinskoe - 1970

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