Michael Shanks

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Date of Birth: 12/15/1970

Age: 45

Place of Birth: Vancouver

Citizenship: Canada


Author: Olga Dunchik

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Michael Shanks was born in Vancouver on December 15 1970. In early childhood, the future actor was different cheerful disposition. Growing up, he remained in the same merry and become - at the same time - a female fan. Youth Michael was too chaotic to remember the details of it.

Although in the racket during a future actor it was still a serious passion - hockey. Michael became interested in the sport in sixteen years. Approximately at the same time it became Shanks attend rugby, as well as - theater studio.

When it came time to choose, the future actor decided not to link their future with great sports and enrolled at Columbia University, where he studied until 1994, the year. It turned out that the future actor is not so hopeless, on the contrary, is talented - he received a bachelor`s degree in the arts.

After some time, Shanks decided that would be an actor. He took part in the Shakespeare Festival and diligently played the classics.

Very soon, Michael bored and realized chtoego place at the studio.

In 1997, the actor starred in "Stargate". In addition, this picture has brought fame to the actor, she also became the decisive factor in the future of personal life of Michael. On set, Shanks met his future mistress, which very soon - jointly - produced a daughter, Tatiana.

Subsequently, Michael was a lot of hobbies, but this had no effect on relations with the beloved daughter of the actor. With it, Michael, and now ready to spend days and nochi.vezdnye Gate "became an actor for a through ticket to a great movie - the actor remained on the show for five seasons. After - Shanks left the set - for a while. The reason for leaving the actor`s differences with steel producers and directors.

After some time, the actor returned to the series - in its seventh episode.

Currently, Michael Shanks continued creative activities. In the future, the actor a lot of plans, the implementation of which he is going to do in the near future.

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