Michael Redgrave

Picture of Michael Redgrave

Date of Birth: 03/20/1908

Age: 77

Place of birth: Bristol

Citizenship: United Kingdom


Redgrave was particularly good role possessed by a passion centered on themselves heroes, its own sensitivity victims - Hamlet, Uncle Vanya, teacher, disciplinarian in the film version of the Browning (The Browning Version, 1951), a ventriloquist, a schizophrenic in the film Deep in the night (Dead of Night, 1945 ), sexually inhibited "boy-man" in the mediator film (The Go-Between, 1971).

Born March 20, 1908 in Bristol. He graduated from the University of Cambridge (1931), worked as a journalist. On the scene since 1934. The actor showed early talent for recreating the scene of the comic dementia (Sir Andrew Egyuchik in Twelfth Night, the hero in the movie-maniac A.Hichkoka Lady Vanishes, 1938). In the plays of Shakespeare repertoire she starred in the roles of Macbeth, Richard II and Hamlet. Among other successes actor - doomed squadron commander, a poet at heart, the film kzvezdam Way (The Way To Stars, 1945), the father in the play by A.Strindberga (1946), Jack Worthing in Wilde`s play The Importance bytsereznym (1952) , the Trojan hero Hector Tigre at the gate (Tiger at the gates, 1955), uncle Vanya in the play by Anton Chekhov, at first the Chichester festival in 1962, and unprincipled school principal in the film the Loneliness of the long distance runner (the Loneliness ofthe Long Distance Runner, 1962). The image of the mad ventriloquist Glubokoynochi is the most striking and frightening in the film recreating the patient`s mind. Even more impressive is the teacher-Latinist, a biscuit and a loser in Browning Version.

For services to the theater in 1959, Redgrave was elevated to the dignity of knighthood. His book Acting (Actor`s Ways and Means, 1953) remains one of the best books about the actor`s profession. In 1958 it was published an autobiography Redgrave Mask or face (Mask or Face). Redgrave died in Denham (Buckinghamshire) March 21, 1985.