Michael Policemayko

Picture of Michael Policemayko

Date of Birth: 07/04/1976

Age: 40

Place of birth: Moscow

Citizenship: Russia


Author: Kate TOUR

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Politseymako Michael was born in 1976 in Moscow into a family of famous actors and Seeds Farad Marina Politseymako. No less famous actor was Michael and grandfather - Vitaly Politseymako .. The boy grew up in a theatrical environment, but it was always on his own. In fact, he has always belonged to those who are "self-made". The boy had enough free childhood, because my dad kept filming, and my mother was lost in the theater. And he was on his own and independently came to that, "what is good and what is bad ..."

It is clear that parents are trying to form their child: the child went to music school and studied English intensively. Of course, he listened to mom and dad believes, but, quite frankly, all decisions are taken independently.

Of course, Actor Michael had already been predetermined from childhood .... After graduation mother not long persuaded his son to try theater. As a child, Michael had several times in the movies. And probably so before opening the selection he did not feel any fear. Having learned monologue of Dostoevsky teenager, he enthusiastically and without tension read it in front of the examination board Shchukin School. His candidacy was approved, and the young man, straightening his shoulders and went on to audition - GITIS, where he sang Lensky`s aria. And he took again! But he decided to go to the end, he continued to test their strength and Schepkinskom school, which has not passed on the "non-Russian invoice", and Fomenko, who was cut sketches, and the Moscow Art Theatre and the Film Institute, where he took unconditionally. But as a result of Mikhail Semenovich I chose RATA. There he liked the atmosphere the most.


The worship of the majesty of the scene in Michael Politseymako laid in childhood, a child he wandered backstage Taganka, expecting mother. Of course, the theater does not bring much money, but a real actor, how is Michael S., can not afford to give up the most interesting performances, even if materially compared to the movie are determined somewhere one to four.

The actor plays a lot of theater, about twenty-five performances per month. Roles large and small: DJ Max in the "Radio Day" and "Election Day" in Liguria "Love Potion" Bertie Wooster in the "family honor." This Kotovsky in the play "Chapaev and Emptiness" Pelevin, and Benedict in "Much Ado About Nothing" by Shakespeare, and Consolation in "Rounders" by Gogol.

The actor is actively involved in theater projects of interest antrepriznyh - Vadim Dubrovytsky "It`s in the Room", in