Michael Pogorzhelsky

Picture of Michael Pogorzhelsky

Date of Birth: 07/21/1922

Age: 72

Place of birth: Anchikrak

Citizenship: Russia

An intellectual Pogorzhelsky

In the second half of the fifties, at the beginning of the "thaw", to replace the workers and peasants, the heroes of the war and the revolution, on the screen, a new type of hero - the hero-intellectual. Actors who have previously had to translate on the screen people from the people, simple and illiterate people, the opportunity to try himself in a new role. So we saw Boris Chirkov in the memorable "true friends", Basil Merkuryeva in many films 50-60s, Michael Nazvanova, embodied on the screen in the 50s several Russian tsars. The older generation has joined the ranks of talented young people, has created a gallery of intellectuals later. Among them want to call Oleg Strizhenova, Alexei Batalov, Basil Lanovoi, Vyacheslav Tikhonov, Mikhail Ulyanov.

I would like to tell you about a wonderful actor, Honored Artist of the RSFSR - Michael Bonifatsieviche Pogorzhelsky whose name takes pride of place among the masters of Russian cinema and theater. Michael Bonifatsievich remembered as an intelligent man, good-hearted, charming and helpful, a wonderful family man and father.

He clearly declared itself in one of his first works, the film Konstantin Voinov "Three out of the woods", where he created a complex psychological image of Paul Stroganoff, a man who took a high position in society, and which after many years suspected of treason. The serial films of Sergei Kolosov "Operation" Trust "," the first time in the Soviet cinema Pogorzhelsky created the image of General Wrangel`s not a caricature, as shown before, and endowed him with human qualities, creating an interesting psychological picture of the famous historical figure. Throughout career in film Pogorzhelsky very often had to translate on foreigners screen. Tom disposal bright external data actor, slim figure and high growth. Much more interesting and richer Mikhail Bonifatsievich worked in the theater Mossovet, which faithfully served for forty-six years. Throughout his life, next to Michael Bonifatsievichem he had a loving wife, actress Mossovet Theatre Irina Pavlovna Kartashev. Together they happily lived forty-six years old, gave birth to a beautiful son Dmitry, who later became known correspondent of NTV in Germany.

Born Michael Bonifatsievich July 21, 1922 in the city of Odessa region Anchikrak. Subsequently, Michael`s parents moved to permanent residence in Leningrad. Mom, Claudia M. Voronkovskaya was a psychiatrist, worked as the deputy chief physician at the Neurology Clinic of the famous Leningrad. Pope Boniface M. Pogorzhelsky, a Pole by birth, worked as a chief accountant at one of the Leningrad enterprises. Michael grew up athletic boy. He was tall, so engaged in basketball, was a member of the basketball team of Leningrad.

After school, Michael decided to go to study at the Institute of Construction. But as he drew with detstvavsegda actor`s profession, so, after studying for a year in the construction, Pogorzhelsky filed papers at the Leningrad Theatre Institute and enrolled. This happened in September 1940. It was then and there was a meeting Michael and Irene. It was love at first sight.

But, unfortunately, the war still confused. June 22, the first day of the war, all the young men from the course have applied to the front, including Michael. But his candidacy was rejected because he was not yet assigned to any one of the units. At this point, Irina urgently had to leave Leningrad, and just a month after Michael called to the front. He fought it Vyshny Volochyok near Leningrad. But the fight was not long, as in 1942 Pogorzhelsky was seriously wounded in the leg. Some young soldier under heavy fire pulled Michael Bonifatsievicha from the battlefield to the cape, but he unfortunately died. Pogorzhelsky picked up and sent to the hospital. The wound was so serious that he was offered to amputate the leg, but Michael flatly refused. At this point, one of the doctors came up to him and began to question who he is, where and who his parents were. When he learned that Claudia M. Voronkovskaya - the mother of Michael, he was very surprised. It turned out that this doctor was her student. "Give me that guy" - he told the sisters. Pogorzhelsky transferred to another hospital, and the doctor was able to cure his leg Michael Bonifatsievicha often practiced in the way time - American worms. On the left a wound worms and plastered. A few days later Pogorzhelsky woke up from a terrible itch under the cast. When it was removed, they saw that the wound site remains clean bone, all affected areas have eaten the worms.

Then Pogorzhelsky transferred to Moscow, and his mother sent a telegram to Leningrad that her son was wounded. According to the stamp on it Claudia M. was able to determine that Michael is in Moscow in the Falcon area, and immediately went to him. In Pogorzhelsky I changed so much illness, her mother, going into the room, did not recognize him. "Mom!" - Shouted to Michael to see his mother. She ran to him ...

Michael White Bonifatsievich got a ticket and was decommissioned from the front. After being wounded in his life remained ostromelit which later strongly made itself felt. Having won at the front all year Pogorzhelsky nevertheless become a full knight of the Order of Glory.

After recovering, finally, after being wounded in 1944 Pogorzhelsky returned to the Institute, which at that time was in Tomsk, then in Novosibirsk. There`s Michael and Irina met again and together, in May 1944, one of the first trains came back to Leningrad. Irina Pavlovna then already was an actress of the Alexandrinsky Theatre. Michael continued his studies at the Theatre Institute. In 1947 Pogorzhelsky finished it and was immediately admitted to the Leningrad New Theatre.

In the same year she was invited Irina Kartashev Zavadsky Theatre in Moscow City Council and left for Moscow. Soon Michael Bonifatsievich married, but the marriage was short-lived, as he still loved Irene and could not forget it. Irina Pavlovna, in turn, Moscow is also married, but she also loved Michael, he was dear to her. In 1949, the Moscow City Council theater was on tour in Leningrad, and in the House of Artists was organized meeting Leningrad and Moscow artists. There Bonifatsievich Mikhail and Irina Pavlovna met again and now never parted.

Back in Moscow, I went to Kartashev Zavadsky with a request to look Pogorzhelsky. Michael Bonifatsievich liked Yuri Alexandrovich, Pogorzhelsky and was enrolled in the theater, where he was very well received. He immediately was put on the beloved role in a play by Lope de Vega "Clever Love" and since then has been very closely engaged in the repertory.

In the mid-fifties Michael Bonifatsievich was seen in cinema. One of the first was the role of the Emperor Alexander II in the movie M. Begalin "His time will come", telling about the famous educator of the nineteenth century Chokan Valikhanov. Then there was a small role in the movie S. Samson "Miles of Fire", before finally Pogorzhelsky not played a central role in the film Konstantin Voinov "Three out of the woods." It was after this picture of the actor began filming often invite. Pogorzhelsky had a representative appearance, so it is more commonly used movies starring foreigners, historical figures, representatives of science and power: in von Salza "Shield and Sword" Vladimir Basov, Raskoltsev in "labeled atoms" I. Gostev, a detective Delassi A. Faintsimmer "fifty-fifty" Cosnac in journalistic drama V. Tregubovich "Feedback", Borisov in the historical-adventure film "Crash" operation Terror "" A. Bobrowski. One of the latest works by Mikhail Bonifatsievicha in film was the role of Advisor in the post-perestroika detective Anatoly Ivanov "The Bodyguard."

In 1966 Pogorzhelsky was awarded the title of Honored Artist of the RSFSR. Inside the theater, such events are usually always observed. Just at this moment the Moscow City Council theater was on tour in Sverdlovsk, where he was to be played the play "Caesar and Cleopatra", which played the role of Michael Bonifatsievich Rufiyaa. Having come to the show, Pogorzhelsky felt that something was afoot among the actors. In the course of the play was the scene when the orchestra rose staircase upstairs was Caesar Plyatt, it climbed to Rufio-Pogorzhelsky and said: "Glory to Caesar!". Feeling preparing trick, Michael Bonifatsievich jumped on the stairs and said, "Thank Rufiyu!". What Plyatt immediately replied: "And well-deserved."

Michael Bonifatsievich was a very humble man, never interfered in any conflicts. He had a great sense of humor, a lot of reading. Very fond of nature. For thirty years, I went to rest in only one place - Shchelykovo, famous estate near Kostroma Ostrovsky. Pogorzhelsky was a very elegant man, dressed lyubilkrasivo. Visiting in foreign expeditions, Michael Bonifatsievich always found the time to buy some good thing, and certainly expensive.

In the theater at Pogorzhelsky were three friends - Arkady Rubtsov, Boris Ivanov and Mikhail Lvov. All were front-line soldiers. Ninth of May each year, the Victory Day, they had a tradition to gather together and celebrate this great holiday. On this day, they are one to him did not allow even the wives. And only the last few years, this honor was given to Irina Pavlovna and Olga V. Yakunin, Boris Ivanov`s wife.

December 6, 1951 Mikhail and Irina Pavlovna Bonifatsievicha born son Dmitry. Since they were constantly engaged in theater and film, thus raising his son, mainly engaged in the grandmother, mother, Irina Pavlovna. Michael Bonifatsievich was quite strict father, but never let injustice to his son. Dima studied in the German special school, which was located in the house where lived Pogorzhelsky. One day, while studying in the eighth grade, Dima asked parents: "What if I go in your footsteps?". What Irina Pavlovna said: "In our feet suddenly does not happen." After school, Dima entered the philological faculty of the Swedish branch of the Moscow University, graduating who worked in the "Komsomolskaya Pravda". Then Dmitry moved to the magazine "New time" and soon became editor of the International Department. As the correspondent of "New time", in 1990, he moved to Germany and has already moved there to work on the TV. For nearly fifteen years, Dmitry and his family still lives in Germany.

In the early nineties Pogorzhelsky began to hurt, the military said injury. It was hard to move, and without a stick, he could not do. In 1993, Mikhail Bonifatsievich with Irina Pavlovna tried to go to her son in Germany, where Pogorzhelsky the last time he saw his grandson Sasha, who at that time was seven years old.

Last year Michael Bonifatsievich life felt bad. He retired from the repertoire of the theater, as he could no longer go on stage. March 6, 1995 he became very ill, fever, chills hit spooky. He was taken to the intensive care unit. March 8th Irina Pavlovna the hospital called and said that Michael Bonifatsievichu worse. She immediately came and found her husband in a semi-conscious state. He asked jelly, Irina Pavlovna ran after him to his friend across the street. When he returned, she saw on the screen a straight line. It happened in the second half of the day. In the evening, Irina Pavlovna played the premiere of "Madame Bovary." She was the only performer and had no one to replace it ...

Irina Pavlovna Kartashev fifty-eighth year running in the theater of the Moscow City Council, which is still firmly engaged in the repertoire. The only thing that saddens her that the lobby of the theater, including portraits of famous actors, there was no place for Michael Pogorzhelsky who gave forty-six years of his creative life to the service of the Moscow Soviet Theatre.