Michael Kockshenov

Picture of Michael Kockshenov

Date of Birth: 09/16/1936

Age: 80

Place of birth: Moscow

Citizenship: Russia


The path in the movie

Michael Way Kokshenova in the movie was long and complicated. Initially, the young man entered the Moscow Industrial College, which has successfully graduated in 1957. Michael was preparing to become a builder, road workers, but then, quite by accident, yielding to the persuasion of friends from his yard, he decided to try his hand at acting break.

As a result, Kokshenov enrolled in drama school named Boris Shchukin. The school he graduated from in 1965. Then he worked on stage Mayakovsky Academic Theatre and the Moscow theater of miniatures.

In the movie, the young actor for a long time he battered a cameo: Bear in kinoromane Alexei Saltykov, "President", the driver in the film Vladimir Krasnopolye and Valery Uskov "Taiga landing", Kanunnikova in optimistic drama Michael Schweitzer`s "Time, Forward!" And others. True in 1967. Michael Kokshenovu got a big role. He starred in the cult film Michael Motyl "Zhenya, Zhenya and" Katyusha ". But, as recognized by the actor himself: "Motyl took me most of the invoice. The blond doldonit this, 105 kg, "not a shadow of thought in the face." Or, as he put it later Motyl: "Civilization has passed by."

During the filming of one of the movies with Michael Kokshenovym it was almost an accident. This is a detective story by Vladimir Nazarov, "The owner of the taiga", where starring Valery Zolotukhin, Vladimir Vysotsky. Kokshenov also played one of the rafters of the forest, which falls on suspicion of robbing a store.

Filming took place in Krasnoyarsk. Michael Kokshenov recalls: "In the story, my hero, brave riverman, darts logs that are floating on the river. They`re very nice run to these logs, these rafters. For me, running double, then he "broke", and then into the water I planted. Only no one warned that, firstly, the water in ten degrees is very invigorating, and secondly, rubber boots, so the water is not hit, usually tie up a special wire. I did not know and boldly jumped into the water. Immediately water boots filled to the brim, and dragged me to the bottom. Well, I immediately put his feet on something solid. I stood up to his neck in water, the camera works. I speak the text, and he trying to throw off the boots. I do not remember how it was possible to get rid of his boots, barely crawled onto the boat and then I hear the cry of a wild wardrobe mistress: "Where are the boots ?!"

The popular actor

The real Michael Kokshenov joined the film industry in 1973, when he came for a permanent job in the central actor studio. Since that year, he became a regular in the movies. A comedy directed by Leonid Gaidai published in 1975, "It can not be!" Brought the actor and the first widely known. This was followed by a small but significant role: Sergunko Rtishchev historical-adventure comedy "How Czar Peter the Great Married Off His Moor" Flank - owner Cat Barsika in the anthology "The street led dresser" and other films.

In 1978 he starred in Michael Kokshenov only for his biography of the musical film - fantastic musical Leonid Kvinikhidze "June 31". On this beautiful picture of the actor recalls with great pleasure: "My main partner there was Vladimir Zeldin. He hit me with his energy, excellent plasticity, so that was always in a good mood. He played the King and I - Fool. Interesting we got a couple! .. At that time we were the stunning scenery and gorgeous costumes. The "royal apartments" was a table of about 3 x 10, all crammed very real dishes! .. "

Very soon the defined roles of Michael Kokshenova. It usually was invited to all sorts of silly comedy roles Ambalov, louts and village simpletons. The most striking works in this role began as Stepan in the comedy directed by Leonid Gaidai "Sports Lottery-82", Sasha Hodos in the movie Igor Dobrolyubov "White Dew" and in the comedy Pryakhina Bezhanova Herald "The most charming and attractive."

At the same time in the life of an actor is totally different from his characters. However, he is not upset about it: "I do not regret that I had a similar image. I consider myself lucky. Comic Role - the most difficult, but, probably, and happy - for an actor. It is the policy, regardless of age - always ... "As recognized by the actor himself, one of the teachers was the famous Savely Kramarov for him.

Many Kokshenovu had a chance to appear in the military scenes. He was also a corporal and sergeant, and Major. True, and it is usually used in the same comedy roles. same Kokshenov himself with great warmth remembers the role in the movie Private KURYKIN Vladimir Fokin "Alexander small." In his own words, this is the role of any generals: "In KURYKIN embodied the best qualities of our warrior. Warrior-winner-liberators. There is in him something of Terkina ".


With his wife Helen met Michael Kokshenov very original. Here`s how he tells the story of that meeting: "I was driving somehow Pyatnitskaya, look, all lined up huge. And just at that time there were these overseas fruit in Moscow. And I thought, "Is not whether to buy me a couple of kilos?" I stop, go to the top of the queue (me so Savely Kramarov taught, "Always go to the front of the line!" - "Why?" - "It is closer!"). And around all shout: "Artist, insolent, climbs out of turn!" And then I see a girl is good - even in all senses of the word. So I went to Lena, his future wife. I asked to take bananchiki queue, only a couple of kilograms. It took me a couple of kilos. "

When they met, Helen was only 19 years old. Since they are together. In the last years Elena Kokshenovu help Michael in his work. She - assistant director on the actors.


By the early `90s Michael Kokshenov was already one of the most filmed actors. Just at the time he first tried his hand at directing. His first painting was the comedy "Russian business", telling of how two men arranged for unemployed foreigners hunting for a trained bear.

On his first painting Mikhail recalls: "It was psychologically difficult. I remember the first day of shooting, I shoot her in the scene and went to get ready. Dressed already went to the door and suddenly I hear the voice of Natasha Krachkovskaya: "Misha, where are you going," I say, "Home, I already shot!" "Fool, you`re the director, you`re in charge here, and should be to the end." For me it was a shock, because the actor is only configured for the role: shoot four hours and all - enjoy yourself, flaw. And then you need to stay to the end. "

The film starring famous actors such as Savely Kramarov Semen Farad, Natalia Krachkovskaya. However, despite this, it is unlikely that a picture can be considered a success, as well as the subsequent "through Russian" and "Russian miracle".

To date, Michael Kokshenov took more than a dozen of comedy films. In addition to the above, this "hero of his novel," "nephew," "Jubilee prosecutor", "Elevator Departs On Schedule", "Love - Service", "Detective story in Russian," etc. In all his paintings Kokshenov removed himself.. However, we should admit that the director-Kokshenov still inferior Kokshenovu-actor.