Michael Ilinskij

Picture of Michael Ilinskij

Date of Birth: 11/13/1856

Age: 85

Place of birth: St. Petersburg

Citizenship: Russia


Born in St. Petersburg. He studied at the St. Petersburg Institute of Technology (since 1875), but was expelled (1876) for participating in student demonstrations. He graduated from the Higher Technical School in Berlin (1882). In 1882-1883 gg. I worked in the same place at the KT Lieberman, in 1883-1884 gg. - At the University of Munster, in the 1884-1885 biennium. - Re-Lieberman. In 1886-1889 gg. I worked at a chemical factory in Berlin, in 1889-1898 gg. - On alizarin factory in Schelkovo (near Moscow), since 1899 he headed the laboratory of a chemical plant in Irdingene (Germany).

At the beginning of the First World War, he refused to accept German citizenship and was sent under police surveillance in Munster, where in 1916 he fled to Russia. In 1918-1924 gg. He worked at Moscow State University, in 1925 - in "Anil-trust", and since 1931 - at the Institute of Organic Intermediates and Dyes. Major works include the chemistry of dyes.

He opened (1891) the formation of alpha-sulfonic acid and anthraquinone disulfonic sulfonation in the presence of mercury. Developed (1891) method of preparing the first acid blue anthraquinone dye. Proposed (1899-1914 gg.) Methods of obtaining new anthraquinone sulfonic acid, and the acid vat anthraquinone dyes and methods benzoylation aminoanthraquinone.

Together with the staff developed (1928 - 1932 gg.) Technology for the production of anthraquinone by oxidation of anthracene. Offered (1911) method of absorption dyeing. Got (1934-1935 g) new phenol derivatives Alizarin-safirola and brown vat dyes. Together with the German chemist suggested Knorre (1885) reagent for cobalt and ferric iron.