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Top 5 products for women aged

The loss of independence as a result of approaching old age - scares each person. However, our time experts found five `superproduktov` able to cope with the effects of aging.

Oranges, apples, pears, romaine lettuce and walnuts, as studies show, will help keep mobility, when a woman reaches the age of maturity. It has been found that orange juice may also have a positive effect.

As is known, in diets for older women usually include fruits and vegetables, as well as the requirement to use as little as possible of sugary drinks, salt and unsaturated fat to protect the body from the growing fragility and brittleness of bones.

However, researchers emphasize that it is important to not just focus on individual foods, and have a healthy nutritious diet.

The study, funded `California Walnut Commission` (lit..` Californian walnut oreham` Commission) found that walnuts are full of beneficial nutrients that can support women`s health.

Earlier in 2016 MD Michael Greger, author of the book `How Not To Die`, argued that the use of just two handfuls of nuts a week for comparable benefits for women with jogging four hours a week.

Michael Greger - a graduate of Cornell University and Medical School at Tufts University. His numerous works have been published in scientific journals. Dr. Greger testified before Congress and has given lectures and scientific presentations at various symposiums and conferences of the National Institutes of Health.

In addition, Greger has been the involvement of experts in the infamous lawsuit against the Texas farmers Oprah Winfrey (Oprah Winfrey), which was sued for 20 million dollars. TV star then accused of dissemination of untrue defamatory statements about BSE.

Returning to the main subject of the article, it is worth noting: even before it was announced that walnuts can reduce the risk of heart attacks and diabetes, relieve stress, prevent Alzheimer`s disease, breast and prostate cancer and lower cholesterol.

Walnuts contain more antioxidants, capable of absorbing formed by the oxidation of free radicals than other nuts. Consumption of all six of walnuts per week reduces the risk of loss of bone density. So says a new study published in the journal `Journal of Nutrition`.

Another test, initiated last year by the University of Michigan, has helped to establish that the use of a small apple a day will help 10% less doctors visit within a year.

Dr. Francine Grodsteyn, professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School, said: `there are plenty of studies, paying attention to the specific health problems in old age, such as diabetes and cardiovascular zabolevaniya`.

`However, less attention is paid to the maintenance of a proper standard of living in old age, and studies to answer the question of how a person between the ages still remain nezavisimym`.

Grodsteyn continues: `If you bring the essence of the simple words, a complete healthy diet, which includes foods such as walnuts and other natural and organic products that can help women with the decision of the key daily tasks like dressing yourself or bring the purchase in any vozraste`.

Specialists conducted a long-term, 30-year-old, watching the 54,762 women.

In the period from 1992 to 2008 the participants periodically asked about their physical condition, including the ability to perform the most common tasks encountered in everyday life.

Thus it was established the relationship between eating habits and mobility.

The usefulness of the diet was assessed using an alternative index of a healthy diet (AHEI). This measure allows to predict how certain foods and nutrients can affect the risk of chronic diseases.

The researchers warn that the findings do may not apply to men, since observations were exclusively for women.

Grodsteyn says: `These findings join a large folder with evidence, outlines the many benefits of healthy eating for zhenschin`.

`More research is needed to better understand how the choice of diet and lifestyle can help maintain our health and well-being when we stareem`.

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