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Date of Birth: 04/02/1977

Age: 39

Place of birth: Heidelberg

Citizenship: Ireland


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Michael Fassbender (Michael Fassbender, 2.04.1977) - Irish actor of German origin. He played a role in the TV series Azazel channel `Sky One`` Heks` ( `Hex`). From his other works we should mention the project `Brothers in oruzhiyu` and epic film Zack Snyder`s 300 spartantsev`` ( `300`) - where Michael played a Spartan soldier Stelios. He also played the role of Michael Collins in the play `Predannost` (` Allegiance`) Mary Kenny, setting the Edinburgh Festival for Experimental Theatre; Winston Churchill in the same play then played Mel Smith. It was directed by Brian Gilbert, as producer - Daniel Jewel. The 2008th Fassbender played Bobby Sands in the film `Golod` (` Hunger`).

Fassbender was born in Heidelberg, Germany; his mother - Irish and his father - a German. The family moved to Killarney, County Kerry, Ireland, when the boy was two years old. At the new place, he attended secondary school and courses of the London Drama Center. The boy grew up in a handsome man rising a meter and eighty-five, c bright blue eyes and brown hair; He learned to play guitar, piano and accordion and be fluent in German. Through his mother, he is a descendant of Michael Collins, one of the leaders of the Irish War of Independence.

Michael meets with US actress lyase Andrews.

The first role was a character Fassbender Burton `Pat` Christenson in the project of Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg`s` Brothers in oruzhiyu`. In the future, the actor played Azazel in both seasons of the series `Heks` on Sky One and became the protagonist of the video for the song` Blind Pilots` British band `The Cooper Temple Clause`.

In a ten radio project `Drakula` staged by BBC Ireland Fassbender played the role of Jonathan Harker; This project voiced in the transfer of `noch` Books on November 24 th at 5 December 2003,. He also participated in commercials `Guinness` series` The Quarell` - where he played a man to swim across the ocean from Ireland to New York to personally apologize to his brother.

As part of the Edinburgh Festival for Experimental Theatre Fassbender starred with Mel Smith, a major role in `Predannost` - play, which tells of the meeting of Winston Churchill and Michael Collins (remember, the actor`s mother is the great-niece of the great Irish politician). The play was staged jointly by `Riverside Studios` ilondonskoy` Third Man Films`. In addition, Fassbender has produced, directed and played the lead role in the stage version of `Mad psy` ( `Reservoir Dogs`) Quentin Tarantino.

Michael has played in the production of `Angel` ( `Angel`; in Britain, it was like a `real life Angel Deverell `/` The Real Life of Angel Deverell `), tells of the rise and fall of an eccentric young British writer (played Romola Garai) at the beginning of twentieth century. Fassbender played her love interest, a mediocre artist Esme. Drama - the first test of the French director Francois Ozon in English to Elizabeth Taylor to the product - was published on 17 February 2007, at the Berlin International Film Festival on March 14th in Paris that same year.

Fassbender played a small role in `Wedding kolokola` ( `Wedding Belles`) - where he performed the role of Barney and expressed himself with a strong Scottish accent. The film was released in March of 2007 on the 29th on channel Channel 4. In the same year Michael had a role in the film `Kassandry` Dream (` Cassandra`s Dream`), srezhisirovannogo Woody Allen, c Ewan McGregor in the title role.

To play a prisoner of the Irish Republican Army BobbiSendsa, who died in the hunger strike of 1981, Fassbender was forced to sit on an extreme diet; such tests actor exposed himself for the sake of painting 2008 Golod` `(` Hunger`). The British channel Channel 4 project was directed by Steve McQueen. This Sands was one of the members of the Irish Republican Army; his hunger strike in the Maze Prison in Northern Ireland made him a hero among Republicans; while still in prison, he was elected a member of parliament in absentia. The film won awards at the Cannes Film Festival. Michael Fassbender won British independent cinema in the category `Best akter`.

For the film, Joel Schumacher Ruchey` `(` Creek`) Michael was selected for the role of Richard V

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