Michael Erin

Picture of Michael Erin

Date of birth: 29.05.1940

Age: 74

Citizenship: Russia


One of the first in the Soviet historical science began to explore the bourgeois parties in Germany. His works on the Center Party and the Weimar Republic (the future CDU) began, despite the stinginess of estimates and a tribute to the traditional view of Soviet historiography, iconic and very symptomatic. Since 1970-ies. unofficial ban on the study of the non-socialist parties and movements was violated. Since the 1990s, except Erin history of the Weimar Republic begins the study of totalitarianism, trying to compare Nazism with Stalinism. In reality, it was one of many attempts to synthesize the Western concept of the history of the interwar period (in the spirit of Hannah Arendt) with national tradition (State-monopoly capitalism). In recent years, Erin has published several short-run books that explores the fate of the Soviet and German prisoners of war during the VelikoyOtechestvennoy War and after its completion. The historic narrow circle, they brought him fame of one of the greatest experts on the subject. The importance of his position is that on numerous examples and huge material the author has convincingly shown the true tragedy of Soviet prisoners of war in German captivity. Although he does not put the question this way, his main goal - the proof of the genocide against the Soviet grazhdanamiso the German government. The notion that hundreds of thousands of people passed through the prisoner, their death - a natural consequence of captivity, is refuted by the Russian historian. On the contrary, not the hardships of captivity brought millions of people to death, and a specially created vehicle death in a concentration camp. The death of Soviet prisoners of war during World War II, from the point of view of the author - the genocide of not less outrageous and cruel than the Holocaust.