Michael Derzavin

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Date of Birth: 07/25/1903

Age: 48

Place of birth: Aksinyino

Citizenship: Russia


Born 12 (25) July 1903 Was working steel plant. In 1924 he entered the studio Vakhtangov. The first role Derzhavin - assistant chief of station ( "Badgers" Leonov, 1927). In 1928 he enrolled in the troupe of. Vakhtangov.

The main focus of his work devoted to disclosure of the Russian character traits. With great inner strength and charisma played Kutuzov ( "Field Marshal Kutuzov" Soloviev, 1940); finely outlined pridavaliglubokomu household items and a significant national hero image softness, simplicity, humanity. The best features of his contemporary Derzhavin embodied in the image of Makar Dubrava (AP Korniychuk). Comedy ease, grace was observed pursuant Derzhavins role Leonato ( "Much Ado About Nothing" by Shakespeare). Roles: Yegor Bulychev; Kirov ( "Fortress on the Volga" Kremleva), boatswain Shvach ( "Break"), Dudykin ( "Temp" Pogodin), Peacock ( "Egor Bulychev and Others"), Ragna ( "Cyrano de Bergerac" Rostand), Tikhon ( "Thunderstorm ").

Acted in a movie (1932); . Played in the movie "Family Oppenheim" (Wells), "Man of the taiga" (Zimin), "Artamonov Business" (Peter Artamonov) and others in the film by Friedrich Ermler "Great Break" starred - General Muravyov - a prototype GK .Zhukova. In 1946 he was awarded for the role of the Stalin Prize.

Died July 30, 1951 in Moscow. He was buried in the Novodevichy cemetery.

Son - People`s Artist of Russia, actor of the Moscow Satire Theater Mikhail Derzhavin.


1. Family Oppenheim - 1938 - Wells

2. Weekdays - 1940

3. Artamonovs - 1941 - Peter Artamonov

4. The guy from the taiga - 1941 - Zimin

5. The first printer Ivan Fedorov - 1941

6. Day and night - 1944

7. Great Break - 1945 - Colonel-General Ants

8. Glinka - 1946

9. The Story of "Raging" - 1947

10. Three meetings - 1948

11. The Battle of Stalingrad - 1949 - leader of the Party and the Soviet state

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