Michael Danilov

Picture of Michael Danilov

Date of Birth: 04/29/1937

Age: 56

Place of birth: Leningrad

Citizenship: Russia


Biography of Mikhail Danilov associated with George Tovstonogov and BDT. At this stage, he played dozens of small roles, created the "exact stylistic figures": Governing at Savva Morozov ( "Third Watch"), a lawyer Shubinsky ( "Defender Ulyanov"), Father A. Volodin in the play "Kinopovest with one intermission" Lagrange in "Moliere" by Mikhail Bulgakov. His main theme in the works is the story of the "little man", a man of modest fortune, conventions clamped, squeezed her fear, but overcoming all the kindness, breadth and nobility of his soul, often a surprise to him.

"Closeup of a master" Michael called Daniel. His best roles - a role in telepostanovkah, where a close-up - the main reception. The veracity and accuracy of the emotions, "stingy style" game - that`s what made Daniel a great master of performances on TV. Including in television Pyotr Fomenko "for life" and "Almost funny story."

Among other roles, the actor: Tolkunov ( "and other officials"), Boguslavsky ( "Let`s go back in the fall"), Fogg ( "complicity in murder"), Marchuk ( "Breakthrough"), Krivoschapov ( "Quiet investigation"), Chekalinsky ( " ... These three winning cards "), dough (" Black rose - poster printing, red rose - the emblem of love "), Dejan (" Chernov Chernov "), Rothschild (" Jokes "), Theodore (" Chicken ")..

When released film "On the rest of his life", almost everyone knew Danilov Leningrad doctor Suprugov. Mikhail Viktorovich suddenly became popular, a fact that irritated him terribly. Walking with a friend, he suddenly froze, afraid to look back, "So, let`s go, fast ... look at us ...!"

"Misha fame caught by surprise - recalled his friend, employee BDT Yury Kruzhnov. - He once loved a quiet life, freestyle, life bookworm, a joker, a philosopher and an artisan. He never suffered, for example, different meetings and "party" of artists. On the theatrical banquets too, I had never walked. "There is no suit, nor the inclination" - loved to sentence ... Danilov - a world and everything in it - and the gift of the artist, and a fondness for someone you know, and impeccable artistic taste and high culture, and the inviolability of the moral rules, and ownership of many crafts ... "

He was a brilliant photographer-artist; he knew the craft of pipe, tube and beautifully done was familiar with the "old Fedorov" itself. He drew a great and amazing art world knew. He loved to engage in cooking - and many, many more. He could not imagine life without Gogol and Rembrandt, who learned the ropes, could not imagine my life without classical literature and classical jazz, without astronomy and higher mathematics.

His great respect for George Tovstonogov. Appreciate it, and as an artist, and how extraordinary personality. He often consulted him on various issues. Mikhail Danilov recent years, seriously ill, traveled for an operation in the United States, where he had a kidney removed and half light. Despite not passing pain, the actor apparently always remained cheerful and witty.

People`s Artist of Russia (1988).

He played in the Student Theater LSU. In 1965 he graduated from the Leningrad State Institute of Theatre, Music and Cinematography, he worked at the Leningrad Drama Theater named after Pushkin. Since 1966 - an actor of the State Drama Theatre named after M. Gorky.

Among the films:

AGONY (1974) - Andronikov

Autumn Story (1979) TV - headmaster

My gentle Pet Detective (1986) TV

VISIT LADY (1989) TV - hairdresser

The Master and Margarita (1994) - Berlioz


For life ... (1975) - Spouses