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Citizenship: Canada


Author: Light Konfetkina

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Michael d`Amiko is a professional Canadian actor. The most successful role was played in the film "Ultimatum".

Michael began to try himself as an actor in the early 80s. In 1986 he made his debut in professional cinema. He was offered the role of bouncers in the film Jack Bravmena "Zombie Nightmare." The main roles in the film played by Adam West, John Michael Thor, Tia Carrere and Frank Dietz. The film was seen by critics, but did not bring the expected success. Michael`s role was a cameo, but it was only the beginning of a career.

In 1992, he starred in a small role in the film "Twin sisters." He worked on the same set with famous actors like Stephanie Kramer, Frederic Forrest, James Brolin, Richard Zeman and Robert Morelli. The film tells about the difficult fate of twins sisters await separation, shooting and great love. Michael d`Amiko can be seen as one of the main character Lynne clients running "call girl".

In 1997, the actor starred in the Canadian production of "Guys," directed by Louis Saillant. The film tells the story of professional hockey players, "merges" into various unpleasant situations. The main roles are played by Mark Messier, Remy Girard, Patrick Ward, Serge Theriault & Michelle Barret. Cash gathering in the United States reached 4,602,341 dollars.

In 1997, Michael d`Amiko starred in "Ultimatum" movie. He played the role of Roach. This role has brought real success Amico, and the film was named one of Canada`s best fighters. The main role in the film played by Hulk Hogan and Karl Marotta.

This was followed by a role in the comedy drama "Powder Room". Michael has once again played a security guard. The film received many positive reviews from critics and audiences. Starring in the film, played by Molly Parker, Veronica Ferres, Lorraine Bracco, Greta Scacchi and John Malkovich.

And in early 2000, Michael starred in several episodes of the series "Tommy - Werewolf" by playing brutal biker. He successfully implemented on a given screen image, giving the film even more mystery and mysticism.

At the moment, Michael d`Amiko played a small role in the film "bikers". Once again, he got a small cameo. But, thanks to the talent and professionalism, he has done from the usual image of a bright and memorable characters.

At the moment, Michael d`Amiko virtually removed. During his career he starred in only 7 films, where he battered small roles.