Michael Bolduman

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Date of Birth: 07/23/1898

Age: 85

Place of birth: Izraylovka

Citizenship: Russia


Born 11 (27) July 1898 at the station Izrailovka Mogilev province in the Moldovan-Ukrainian family of nobles. And, though his mother was a princess, in metric record a child was listed "from the peasants." Michael Bolduman was considered to be a weak student, after graduating from high school with mediocre grades, but later surprised the educated people of great knowledge and possession of several languages, with a magnificent French pronunciation. Mystery remains, where and how he lived throughout the civil war, from the seventeenth to the twenty-first year. We only know that he was a young Bolduman pacifist and blood compatriots could not shed.

Scenic activity began in Zhmerinka (Vinnytsia region) in 1921. The actor Boldumanu after several years of service in so distant from the great culture of highways worthy of the theater managed to appear in the company of the Kiev theater of Russian drama, where he was admitted in 1924. At the prestigious Ukrainian scene, he quickly won the sympathy of the audience starring Satin ( "The Lower Depths" Gorky), Koshkin ( "Love Spring" K.Tren

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