Michael Bocharov

Picture of Michael Bocharov

Date of Birth: 09/12/1919

Age: 87

Place of birth: Grigorieva

Citizenship: Russia


She appeared in films: "Its land," "The Lost Expedition", "Father and Son", "Demidov", "Bonanza."

Bocharov was born in the village of the Tula region Grigorieva. In 1936 he graduated from high school and enrolled in the Theater School Shchepkin, from which he graduated in 1940. Then he worked in the Theater named after Pushkin in Ashgabat.

With the start of World War II he went to the front. Two years had fought in the army. After being wounded troops led the ensemble road Volkhov Front. After demobilization he worked in theaters: "Frontline" in CDKA, Maly Theater, the WTO, the theater "Romen" theater, the theater of Gogol, in which several dozen scenes played the leading roles.

Also put in the performances of folk theaters, houses of culture and clubs. He wrote the script and directed the popular spectacle at the stadium of the Moscow region.

Since 1958 Bocharov in films. Among roles: Grizzly ( "On the roads of war"), the station ( "Golden echelon"), District Committee instructor ( "Chairman"), Ignat ( "Own the land"), Kalganov ( "The Lost Expedition"), "bride" ( " Moscow Does not believe in tears "), Ivan soldiers (" Father and son "), the chairman of the factory committee (" fox Hunting "), Mitya uncle (" I do not want to be an adult "), Kulebaki (" Demidov "), head of department (" my friend "), homeless (" hatch "), Ivanov (" Black clown "), Nicholas (" Bonanza "), concepts (" Brigade "), a man in a cloak (" And in the morning they woke up ").

Among the films:

PRESIDENT (1964) - the instructor of the District Committee

WAR AND PEACE (1965-67) - artisan

The Lost Expedition (1975) - Kalganov

Risk - a noble cause (1977)

Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears (1979) - Groom

FATHER AND SON (1979) - Ivan soldiers


The Master and Margarita (1994) - writer


Adjutant of his excellency (1969) - overseer


Eternal Call (1973-83)

RUSSIAN YOUNG (1982) - Cpl.