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Date of Birth: 12/24/1941

Age: 63

Place of birth: Blackburn

Citizenship: United Kingdom


Author: Elena Murzina

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Michael Billington was born on Christmas Eve, December 24, 1941 in Blackburn, Lancashire. After school, he wanted to become an engineer, but the passion for acting took its toll - during training Billington played in local amateur drama troupe, and in the end, decided to make a career as a professional actor. The first presentation, in which he participated, Michael, were musicals, he danced in the corps de ballet, performed in the theater and also took acting lessons and worked on his vocal abilities. Gain experience Michael was spotted by director of the West End, which offered him a role in the formulation `It happened in Vishi` on the play by American playwright Arthur Miller. New actor played with recognized stars of the theatrical scene Alec Guinness and Anthony Quayle. Shortly after this performance, which has become a real breakthrough in his career, Michael was invited to the role of a football player in the BBC television series `Edinyy` (United) and offered a job in teatreKorolevskoy Shakespeare Company.

Perhaps the most well-known role of Mike, which brought him real popularity was the role of Colonel Paul Foster in a classic British sci-fi TV series `NLO` (UFO). This role was preceded by the appearance of another series Billington, have long since become classics, `Plennike` (The Prisoner), Patrick Makguhanom starring. The `Plennike` Mike so clearly fulfilled his small role Man of the Forest that it attracted the attention of one of the producers of` NLO` Sylvia Anderson and casting director Rose Tobias Shaw, who introduced Billington a cast member of the cult series. Mike has played in 21 of the 26 episodes.

In 1971-1974 Billington played the role of a sailor Daniel Fogarty in the historical drama `Flight Uandina` (The Onedin Line), in which the action takes place in the second half of the XIX century. In the series` Ostrie` (Spearhead) actor embodied the image of the brave Sergeant Jack Jackson of the units of the Royal Wessex Rangers, and in the miniseries `Edward VII` (Edward VII) in 1975 played the last Russian Emperor Nicholas II. The last major work on television Billington - a role in the BBC drama film `Kollektsionery` (The Collectors) about the everyday life of a fictional division of the Royal Customs and Excise Service in Dorset; the last time Mike appeared in the TV show in the early 90s, in the television series `Commissioner Megre` (Maigret), where he played a small role notorious villain.

Billington auditioned for the role of James Bond since 1969, when George Lazenby left. Mike wanted to play Bond`s more than any other actor, and, in the words of producer Albert R. Broccoli, he would have won the role after Sean Connery, if the casting has not appeared, Roger Moore, who played 007 from 1973 to 1985 . Mike has even appeared in the movie `The Spy Who I lyubil` (The Spy Who Loved Me), one of the films `bondiany` 1977, in the small role of Sergei Autograph, which killed at the very beginning of the film.

In 1986 in Hollywood Billington he played a major role in the drama of the Cold War `KGB: The Secret voyna` (KGB: The Secret War), as well as a guest star took part in the filming of TV series` Private Detective Magnum` (Magnum PI),` Marlou` Philip (Philip Marlowe PI), `Spouses Hart` (Hart to Hart) and` Fantazii` Island (Fantasy Island).

In the 90s, Michael Billington several years he taught acting at the Lee Strasberg drama school in London.

After eight years of relationship with Barbara Broccoli, producer of the daughter of `bondiany`, Billington married Catherine Kristoff in 1988. She died in 1998, after which one has a son Michael Jr. Michael.

Michael Billington died of cancer June 3, 2005, at the age of 63 years, Margate, Kent, United Kingdom. By a strange coincidence, Michael and his colleague from the surveys in

`NLO` Ed Bishop died during the week with a difference of a few days.

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