Michael Berman

Picture of Michael Berman

Date of birth: 25.12.1977

Age: 38

Place of birth: Moscow

Citizenship: Russia


Verman Mikhail I. born on December 25th, 1977 in Moscow, Russia. He was the second child in the family. His father - Igor Verman was middle manager, loved to drop in after work in a casino.

Michael received his higher education at the Institute of Business Economics. By profession he was an economist, but that it is not attracted. Even as a child Michael Wehrmann dreamed of becoming a bank manager.

I started to get involved in the casino already from the second year. He received a scholarship at the Institute and spent it on gambling machines. Over time, he began to read books about strategy games in the casino. Then I put them into practice - has won a significant amount. After the prohibition in the casino he had no choice but to go to play at online casinos. Where also reached certain heights.


In 2010, Michael Wehrmann won at online casinos Kristal $ 20,000.

In March 2011, Michael Wehrmann jackpot online casino Treasure Island