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In 2001 Andretti buying team "Team Kool Green ". A few years later he renames it to the " Andretti Green Racing. "Since 2004, the club became the winner of the championship, " Indy. "

Michael Mario Andretti was born October 5, 1962 in the town of Bethlehem, USA. He is a professional racing driver, winner of the competition "CART". Also among his brilliant victories the bronze at the races at Le Mans and victory in Formula Atlantic. Michael Andretti was born in a well-known and wealthy family. His father is famous throughout the world as one of the most successful and experienced riders. His name was Mario Andretti. From a young age, Michael wanted to be like his father. He dreamed of striking victories and "golden" cups. His path to the world of motor racing, he started karting. In 1980, Michael has played in the league, and Junior had a good professional experience. In 1982, he won one of his first major prizes. He was the victory in the "Super-Vee" championship. Then followed a series of victories in competitions such as the Atlantic and Formula Le Mans.

Michael is very similar to his father ,through which he became a professional racer. Mario Andretti (Michael Andretti) had a great influence on the formation of the personality of his son. Thanks to his father`s support and care, Michael learned how to make decisions in difficult situations and to go the right way.

Often Michael Andretti appeared in one carriage with his father ,because he felt the best way possible and anticipate the actions and thoughts of his famous parent.

In 1984, Michael for the first time took part in races "CART". He conquered the millions of people with his lightning victory, received the status of " best newcomer of the season. "

At the beginning of 1990s already known at the time the driver began to make their way to the race, "Formula 1 ". Andretti became the first club to club, " McLaren ". Despite the fact that many predicted a talented rider upeh on " Formula - 1 ", Andretti did not justify hopes assigned to it. After a series of failed races he decides to return to the "CART".In 1994, Michael Andretti (Michael Andretti) decided to start their lives from scratch. He again took the leading position in the race "CART". He has performed in almost all the prestigious motor racing.

In 2001 Andretti buying team "Team Kool Green ". A few years later he renames it to the " Andretti Green Racing. "Since 2004, the club became the winner of the championship, " Indy. "

In parallel to his professional career, Michael Andretti took time to shoot a movie. He will make a good actor, because basically he had to play the riders. Andretti can be seen in films and television series like "Big repair ", " Arliss ," " The Pretender "" Racer " and "Super Speedway"

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Michael Andretti photo
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