Mia Zarring

Picture of Mia Zarring

Date of Birth: 11/19/1986

Age: 30

Place of birth: Moscow

Citizenship: Russia

The biggest Russian chest

Zarring - winner of 12 breast size. The directors believe that the actress with big breasts are subject to a certain stereotype. The most Mie very close Nonna Mordyukova role, but so far she has to be content with the roles of `stupid girls with lush formami`.

Zarring - winner of twelve breast size. Its parameters are: 117-65-100, height - 165 cm.

Zarring Maria was born on November 19, 1986 the first in Moscow (Moscow). Her mother and grandmother were editors, and his grandfather worked in the newspaper Izvestiya. Houses daughter and granddaughter styled German manners - Mia. Even in adulthood, she realized that for the stage version of Mia Zarring - perfect.

At age 12 she began attending the circle of young journalists and led his childhood column in the local newspaper. Zarring perfectly manifested itself in the path of poetry, and her poems have won awards at regional competitions. With 15 years she has worked as a reporter and presenter on several television channels. Planning to become an economist, Zarring in 2004 Mr.

acala training RGAU-ICCA them. KA Timiryazev. Continuing to develop a career as a journalist, Mia came to listen to lectures on the Faculty of Journalism. However, after a couple of years of student demanded to stop work on television, and she moved to the Socio-Economic University, which chose the PR-Marketing.

Since 2005, Zarring successfully implemented several world-class PR-projects. But closer to 2011, she realized that her marketing inhibits creativity and even to some extent suppresses her femininity. Leaving a dusty office, Mia started attending acting classes in GITIS. She was a show program `Miss Wet Mayka` Hawaiian Tiki Bar (Tiki-Bar) in Moscow, together with Gregory Pogosyan, and then became interested in one of the areas of small business - burlesque.

After leading the club show programs Valeria Malinovskaya (Valeria Malinowska) became creative director Zarring, began preparations for the grand festival `Miss Burlesk`

. In 2012, the talented organizers joined inimitable Lala Bezhetskaya, and the trio of beautiful and talented lady announced the creation of the Russian Association of burlesque. In the same year Zarring again returned to television.

As an actress, she starred in Zarring Nyanki` `` Day Uchitelya`, series `Happy konets` and commercials for the game` Spirit drakona`. She says that the directors believe that the owner of a large chest falls under a certain stereotype. The most Mie very close Nonna Mordyukova role, but so far she has to be content with the roles of `stupid girls with lush formami`. However Zarring not despair, challenging herself, and continues to hone his acting skills.

In recognition of the most Mia, she realizes that her trump card - her appearance, and then people start to be interested in its inner content. All the laws of marketing. Even when Zarring was `pyshnee` 30 kg, it abundantly enough attention from men. Of course, locat

dilis woman, apparently with huge complexes, who spoke behind her hurtful and ugly things, comparing it with the milkmaids or dairy women workers. But all this only helped Zarring develop a greater self-confidence, love itself and avoid the road of self-abasement side. In crowded events Zarring mainly appears in environment protection. On the corporate parties unpleasant incidents occur, but in the beautiful Mia life yet more of those men who admire and are inspired by it, rather than those that behave shamelessly.

Today Zarring differently refers to plastic surgery, which is opposed earlier. It recognizes that the winner of the first breast size has every right to go under the surgeon`s knife, that`s just very beautiful breasts automatically Nobody has brought happiness and harmony. Mia believes that it is necessary to change the inner content, and not to take great risks to subsequently remain unsatisfied with the result.

Author: Alexei Bulatov

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