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Year of birth : 2005

Age: 10 years

Birthplace : Brooklyn, New York, USA

Citizenship : United States


According to the magazine `Rolling Stone`, 14 November 2007-of group `MGMT` hit the ` Top 10 Artist to Watch`- of 2008. Website Last.fm acknowledged `MGMT`` most listened groups go` 2008.

Ben Goldwasser (Ben Goldwasser) and Andrew VanWyngarden (Andrew VanWyngarden) put together a group that went to Wesleyan University (Wesleyan University), in the first year. Goldwasser said: ` We were not trying to create a group. We just spent time showing each other music that we nravilas`. They experimented with noise rock and electronics, before settling on the fact that Alvarez Paco (Paco Alvarez) in a magazine called ` ` Spin` mutating the current brand of psychedelic pop muzyki`. After graduating from university in 2005, the duo toured extensively in support of their mini- album `Time to Pretend`, opening for indie rock band ` Of Montreal`.

Since the birth of artist Ben and Andrew called `The Management`, but this name is already used by other team, so the guys changed it to ` MGMT`. In the autumn of 2006-th Maureen Kenney (Maureen Kenny) has signed a contract with the group, and now `MGMT` worked with the label ` Columbia Records`. The debut on the label, the album `Oracular Spectacular`, was released in 2007 with the participation of music producer Dave Friedman (Dave Fridmann). The autumn tour `MGMT` that year bassist Matthew Asti were involved (Matthew Asti)Drummer, James Richardson (James Richardson) and guitarist Hank Sullivant (Hank Sullivant).

In November 2007, the team `MGMT` first performed in Europe, supporting the rock band ` The Courteeners` during her performance at London nightclub `Koko`. In March 2008 Sullivant left the band to create their own, `Kuroma`,and Will Berman (Will Berman) became the new drummer `MGMT`, and Richardson changed the drums to guitar.

5 and 6 August 2009, the group successfully performed the opening act for Paul McCartney (Paul McCartney) in the stadium `Fenway Park` in Boston, Massachusetts (Boston, Massachusetts).

August 15, 2009 th `MGMT` played in Hamburg, Germany (Hamburg, Germany),at the festival `Dockville Festival`, presenting several songs izsvoego forthcoming new album.

October 17, 2009 th `MGMT` the rights headliner appeared at a music festival ` Treasure Island Music Festival` in San Francisco, California (San Francisco, California).

Album `Congratulations` was presented April 13, 2010 - th. Board member band including Matthew Asti, James Richardson and Will Berman, spent the 2009 -go in Malibu, California (Malibu, California) , where i this album together with Pete Kember (Pete Kember) , ex- member band Spacemen ` 3`, and Bill Bennett (Billy Bennett) , another ancient ` MGMT`.

K iulu 2010-second album `Congratulations` four singles were released, although initially not planned any. March 9, 2010 the first song `Flash Delirium` is now available for free download from the official website ` MGMT`, and March 20 have the opportunity to download a new album. The tour `Congratulations Tour` in support of the album began in San Francisco, California, April 20, 2010 - th. Four days later, the boys were in the program ` Saturday Night Live efire` (` Saturday Night Live`), and on July 23 it became special guests talk show `Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson`.

25 August 2010-of `MGMT` presented video for the song ` Congratulations`, at that time the third video from their second album. October 31, 2010, the band appeared at the festival `Voodoo Experience` in New Orleans, Louisiana (New Orleans, Louisiana).

The first tour `MGMT` Asia was launched February 22, 2011 - th.

In January 2009-th group has demanded compensation from the organization Union for a Popular Movement (UMP). Song `MGMT` called ` Kids` has been used several times in the UMP party conference without permission, as well as two online videos. In April, 2009-th was made an amicable agreement : the party UMP paid `MGMT` about 2,500 euros for costs and expenses and EUR 30 000 for infringement of copyright.

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