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American literary criticIt is known through the works of the era of Romanticism, in particular, as the author of the book ` The Mirror and the Lamp: Romantic Theory and the Critical traditsiya` (The Mirror and the Lamp: Romantic Theory and the Critical Tradition), published in 1953. It Abrams argues that if, prior to the Romantic literature generally understood as a mirror ,reflecting the real world, the creation of books was more like a lamp for the Romantic writers of the inner world of the writer splashed light to illuminate the world. ` Norton Anthology of English literatury` (The Norton Anthology of English Literature) in six volumes, edited by Abrams became the standard textbook for students of American colleges and the main ` legislator mod` in the formation of literary criteria.

Mike Abrams (Mike Abrams) was born July 23, 1912 in Long Branch, New StateJersey (Long Branch, New Jersey), a Jewish family. He was the son of a painter and became the first in his family a college student - Abrams entered Harvard University (Harvard University) in 1930. He chose to study English language and literature, in his own words, because there were no jobs in any other profession, and he thought ,it is better to starve, enjoying than starve doing what brings pleasure.

In 1934, Abrams received a bachelor`s degree and won a scholarship Henry (Henry fellowship), which allowed him to continue his studies at the University of Cambridge (University of Cambridge), where his mentor was Ivor Armstrong Richards (Ivor Armstrong Richards),an influential English literary critic and expert in rhetoric.

In the 1935m, Mike returned to Harvard to study for the master`s program, and in 1937 a master`s poluchilstepen. Doctorate in Literature he defended in 1940.

During World War II he served in the Psycho - Acoustic Laboratory (Psycho-Acoustics Laboratory) at Harvard. He defines his work as a solution to voice communication in a noisy environment, the military problems by creating a military code, which was easy enough to hear, and the invention of the qualifying tests for personnel, which would have superior ability to recognize sounds in background noise. In 1945, Abrams became a professor at Cornell University (Cornell University). Literary critics, Harold Bloom (Harold Bloom) and ED Hirsch Jr. (E. D. Hirsch, Jr.) were among his students. In 1963, Abrams was elected a member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences (American Academy of Arts and Sciences)

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Meyer Howard Abrams picture
Meyer Howard Abrams photo
Meyer Howard Abrams image
Meyer Howard Abrams pic
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