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Year of birth : 1981

Age: 34 year

Place of birth : Los Angeles, California, USA

Citizenship : United States

The gold standard of heavy metalWhy Lars Ulrich threw tennis career and become a musician ? As Ulrich met James Hetfield ? Who came up with the name `Metallica`? Who inspired James Hetfield writing composition `One`? Which album `Metallica` became a real breakthrough in the world of metalmusic? After the difficulties the team had to go through the participants and how they managed to save a group ?


It is believed that the history of the group `Metallica` started in Denmark. It is in this country was born and raised Lars Ullrich - the drummer and one of the founders of the band. Since childhood, Lars enjoys tennis and, admittedly ,He excelled in the sport. He was a champion among juniors in Copenhagen and later planned to make a career as a tennis player. His dreams dashed in the day that he heard the legendary rock band `Deep Purple`. Now all his thoughts were only about music.

Parents Lars had hoped that he would continue to play tennis ,and the whole family moved to America. However, the son threw a tennis racket and picked up the drumsticks. His new love was the rock band `Diamond Head`, performance style which formed the basis for the future ` Metallica`. Once Ulrich read in the newspaper an ad of a certain James Hetfield on creating a musical group. He called Hatfield ,and they met. Since history began `Metallica`.

The band`s name came spontaneously. An old friend Lars has decided to publish a magazine about rock music and hesitated as he called : `Metallica` or ` Metal Mania`. Ulrich, thinking `Metallica` would be a good name for the group, told a friend that none of the options would not like readers. Guys quickly riveted his first hit `Hit The Lights`, and soon found a producer Brian Sleydzhela that engaged young talents. Group several times changed the composition has not yet found a talented bassist Cliff Burton and guitarist Kirk Hammett. Burton agreed to join the `Metallica` with the condition that the entire team will move to SanFrancisco. And the decision was made.

But in San Francisco the boys did not stay long. Well proven in the local metal scene, they went to New York, where he soon signed a contract with `Megaforce Records`.

In 1983, the `Metallica` released her first album, ` Kill `Em All`. Despite the fact that the group has had a good fan base,he was received pretty cool and sold poorly. But even so the foundation for a future career was laid.

Finest hour

In 1984 `Metallica` recorded their second album ` Ride The Lightning`, making a huge step forward. The CD was present the first rock ballad band `Fade to Black` and cult song ` For Whom the Bell Tolls`,created based on the novel by Ernest Hemingway. These compositions favorably distinguished from `Metallica` other thrash metal bands.

The album caught the attention of major record labels, and soon the band signed a contract with `Elektra Records`. Under the auspices of the label guys recorded the album `Master of Puppets` (1986), which became, according to criticsThe greatest heavy metal album of all time. He immediately got zolotoy` ` status ` Metallica` lifted to the top of popularity. After its release the band embarked on a European tour, which for Cliff Burton ended tragically.

September 27, 1986 a bus in which there were the musicians, turned over on a slippery road in Sweden. All members of the group, except Cliff Burton, remained unharmed. He, unfortunately, could not be saved. After the funeral of his friend, the boys did not know if they continue to play in the group. They thought that Cliff would have wanted the band continued to exist, therefore, having received the consent of his parents, started recording the album. The new work `... And Justice for All` (1988) was recorded with bassist Jason Newsted, who soon after the death of Burton officially joined the group. The album was ` platinovym` and entered the Top 10 ` Billboard 200`, but musicians treated him with skepticism. Very complex and style of play, and psychologically ,album for a while forgotten musicians. For example, after performing at a concert `... And Justice for All` James Hetfield he said that more would never play this song.

Nevertheless, `... And Justice for All` - one of the first albums that have received recognition worldwide. This contributed to a lot of composition `One`,which `Metallica` removed svoypervy video. The story of her writing, deserves special attention.

The famous rock ballad was born thanks to a newspaper article 30s, tells about the crippled soldier of the First World War. American writer Dalton Trumbo was so impressed by this story ,he wrote an anti-war novel Johnny took ` ruzhe`. After reading this book, James Hetfield decided to write a song for her explanation. And the name `One` was inspired by a passage from the novel where the protagonist thinks that the likelihood of survivors of the inflicted damage is one in a million. The composition was so popular ,New Zealand radio listeners several times recognized its best rock song of all time.

Last years

In the 90 years ` metalikamaniya` engulfed the entire globe and compete with the group could no longer any rock band. After the release of the album `Metallica` (1991), which is also called ` black albomom`, the world heard a completely different group.Nobody expected from aggressive musicians who created a dark and tangled `... And Justice for All`, such depth and sentiment, which has been demonstrated in the ballad ` Nothing Else Matters`. According to Lars Ulrich, when he heard this song, it almost fell off the chair. It was another masterpiece of the group and one of the most performed songs in the world. Only one week 600 thousand copies of the album were sold in the United States.

After a three-year tour of the album saw the light of `Load` (1996), and soon - similar in style ` Reload` (1997). These plates were sold worse than the previous works of the group, although they were well received by fans.Despite the fact that `Metallica` gave the impression of the most successful band in the metal scene, in the team gradually brewing scandal.

Linked he was with bassist Jason Newsted, which is a large amount of time to solo projects. In 2001 he left the band, and soon James Hetfield went to the clinic ,to get rid of alcohol and drug addiction. Nachalihodit rumors that the group disintegrates, but the musicians, in spite of everything, survived. In 2003, new bassist Robert Trujillo, and the album was recorded was invited to `St. Anger`. A few years later I saw the light disk `Death Magnetic` (2008).

During his 30-`Metallica` year history and has experienced the ups and downs. But unlike many rock groups, the participants were able to save the group and leave the stage are not going to. According to the musician, the secret of their success is that each team member has a personal space, as well as the opportunity to do what he wants. In 2015, they promised to release a new album and are confident that will be able to give odds to many young performers

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