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The truth all the same people say - gray hair in his head, a lusty. As soon as someone from Motley Crue began a solo career, he immediately began to flirt with all kinds of raps and hip - hopami. No, I do not want to say, they have it not work. ..Nevertheless, it was very strange to hear people who played Wildside and Kickstart My Heart suddenly started to go for the groups that do not even standing next to them. .. On the other hand - Figure with them, I`m sure, if they suddenly pop music began to play, it would still be kruuuuuuto.Methods Of Mayhem project is barabanshika former Motley Crue, as well as infamous as the husband of Pamela Anderson, Tommy Lee. The new team of Tommy Lee in the presence of himself (guitar and vocals instead of drums), Marty O`Brien on bass, the guitar and the J3 former Stuck Mojo drummer Will Hunt at the usual place of Tommy. In 1999 ,Methods Of Mayhem recorded and released their debut self-titled album. The issue of which took record company MCA Records. By recording prevlecheny were no less famous personalities Fred Durst of Limp Bizkit, whose vocal zapechetlen on "Get Naked". Kid Rock, which can be seen in "New Skin", and Snoop Dog.Obligations of a producer of the album lay on Hampri Scott, who worked with Rob Zombie, Spineshank and Motley Crue. Now directly about my impressions. Impressions very positive. In addition to the trendy songs a la Limp Bizkit, are available composition in the tradition of Motley Crue, and it pleases. That New Skin for example.As if torn from the album Generation Swine. Listen and as much tears break through. Or Metamorphosis - cul solid as they say in Germany. I do not know whether to allocate taken separately tracks - I personally liked all the little album.


Tom Baker - Mastering

Scott Humphrey - Producer, Mixing

Tommy Lee - Guitar, Drums, ProducerDanny Lohner -Guitar

Ken Andrews - Guitar

Scott Kirkland - Keyboards

Frank Gryner - Mixing

Chris Chaney - Bass

Steve Duda - Programming


Album: "Methods of Mayhem" year: 1999

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