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In 1980, Kurt Vanderhoof assembled a team called "Metal church" (dubbed by the nickname of his apartment in San Francisco, where he and his friends worshiped the " heavy metal ") . Kurt wanted to take a group of Lars Ulrich (drummer of the future " Metallica ") , but he went to Los Angeles. Nothing special guys could not do, and Kurt returned to his native Aberdeen. There in 1981 he made a group of "Shrapnel" with their school friends - Kirk Arrington on drums, Mike Murphy (vocals) and Craig Wells guitar. He completed the formation of the team of each of Kirk bassist Duke Erikson. Soon Mike Murphy knocked out "Shrapnel" and muddied his project "Rogues Gallery". Duties of vocalist Craig laid on his friend David Wayne.

The group performed mainly cover versions of well-known metal bands. The boys were playing in various bars, at weddings and school dances. ... In 1983, "Shrapnel" is renamed to "Metal church", and the official history of the group begins from this point.

Metal churchS 1984 team begins to write their own material. The first performance was on May 4 in Aberdeen "D & R Theater", where she " warmed up " "Rogues Gallery" and "Melvins".In the same year "Metal church" has released a self-titled debut album on an independent label "Ground Zero". The CD sold well, and the group under his wing took "Elecktra records". Inspired by the team went on their first tour. In 1986, "Metal church" has released a second album "The Dark" and went on tour with "Metallica".In 1987, Kurt stopped playing and recording with the band, but continued to write for her compositions. His guitar was replaced by John Marshall. In 1989, the team had left, David Wayne, who founded his solo project "Reverend". New vocalist Mike Howe became.

In this part of "Metal church" released "Blessing in Disguise" and went on another tour.In 1991, the team continues touring, and is a new disc "The Human Factor". Meanwhile, Kurt and Kirk founded the project "Hall Aflame" and released on "I.R.S. Records" album "Guaranteed Forever".

Metal churchV 1993 "Metal church" has released another ROM "Hanging in the Balance" and went vtur in his support. But,musical climate in America has changed suddenly, " metal " has ceased to be in demand, and as a result the group was disbanded. Each member of the team engaged in the business. In 1997, Kurt and Kirk jointly build a recording studio "The English Channel". A little later, they form a group of "Vanderhoof",released self-titled disc and go on a European tour with "Savatage". In 1998, former members of the "Metal church" together again to record "Live", which have been used recently discovered tape heyday group in the 80s. While working on the disc the band also decided to record a new studio album. But after the first few sessions, Craig Wells departed, and returned to the team, John Marshall.

In 1999, "Metal church" released "Masterpeace" and a couple of months went on a European tour. However, the Duke and Kirk could not go with the group, and instead of them were taken drummer "Vanderhoof" Jeff Wade and bassist Brian Lake.

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