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Date of Birth: 02/19/1911

Age: 68

Birth Place: Mumbai

Citizenship: United Kingdom


Merle Oberon was born on February 19th 1911 in Bombay (now Mumbai). Instil Merle engaged Charlotte Selby, who brought her up properly, giving warmth and care. In India, Charlotte cohabited with Arthur Thompson - who was in the military and served in the Indian territory. He became the father of Merle.

In 1914, the year - when Merle was three - Arthur died of pneumonia, and a young daughter Charlotte was in a terrible situation. Within a few years they roamed the Bombay from place to place in search of affordable housing.

Soon the situation was adjusted - Merle went to college for girls La Martiniere College for Girls, and for some time the family did not know specific problems. But after a while the situation has changed - at school Merle subjected to ridicule, and was soon forced to leave school to study at home.

Already as a teenager Oberon interested in acting - she was passionately in love with cinema.

In the late twenties Merle met with a former actor who has made the future actress offer that it failed to give. Actor Merle promised to help and take her to France, in one of the studios. In the end, it turned out to be imaginary benefactor and left Merle, but before leaving yet uttered a good word about Oberon known at the time the actress Rex Ingram. The latter took Merle and find for the role of aspiring actress.

In 1928 Merle was the first time in England. Initially, she worked as a hostess club called

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