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"Melvins" were the first post-punk crew, try to adopt a slow, viscous riffs "Black Sabbath". The group formed in 1984 by three guys from Aberdeen : Buzz Osborne (vocals, guitar) Mack Dillard (drums) and Matt Liukin (bass) .

Dillard rather quickly tired of monotonous music sung " Melvin ", he vacated the seat for Dale Crover, come from ayronmeydenovskoy cover bands. After the first album Matt Liukin fled to " Mudhoney ", a position occupied Lori " Lorax " Black, daughter of movie star Shirley Temple. With the help of "Melvins" brought the song to a bewildering viscosity state. Heavy chords sounded in the "Ozma", have been fused into one piece and were something of meditation such as in hell. Released another full-length album and two mini-albums on a small company "Boner records", the group was suddenly under the roof of major label. Melvins However, this was not the merit of the musicians themselves. Climb as high helped them acquainted with their compatriots from the "Nirvana". When famous Granger had problems with drummers Dale Crover rescued them a couple of times ,and Kurt Cobain as a thank you helped " Melvin " bargain with "Atlantic records" and even featured on " Houdini " album in the recording. Music "Melvins" has now become not so laden, but still it seemed that the musicians play only for your pleasure. Meanwhile, the group observed mess with bass guitarists. After the departure of Lawrie took its place, Tom Flynn, and he was replaced by Joe Preston. Then Lori back, but soon passed to Mark basuha Dyutromu, and from him to Kevin Rutamanisu. "Atlantic records" released three albums "Melvins", and then put his players through the door without any regret. The team returned to the usual indicatorstatus and once again began to publish his opus on small labels.

Melvins In 1998, " Melvin " picked Mike Patton ("Faith no more", "Mr. Bungle"), signing them to his company "Ipecac recordings". This year has been for the group rich in terms of the tour - she performed with "Kiss", "White zombie", "Nine inch nails", "Primus","Tool" and even became a member of "Ozzfest". Then "Melvins" wrote the trilogy ("The Maggot", "The Bootlicker", "The Crybaby") represents the iconoclastic experiments and eclectic tour through different styles from country ballads to esid -rock jams. Even more countries received album "Colossus of destiny", stuffed with electronic noise. After collection of covers and remixes "Electroretard" team slowly began to return to the original style, and Buzz experiments are now put in another project, "Fantomas". The belated recognition came in 2005, when the company "Fractured transmitter records" released a tribute album "We reach: The music of The Melvins",in which the recording was attended by such prominent bands like "Strapping young lad", "Meshuggah", "Dilinger escape plan" and others.

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