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Date of Birth: 02/21/1983

Age: 33

Place of Birth: Paris

Citizenship: France


Author: Ivan Matkovskiy

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Melanie Laurent (M & # 233; lanie Laurent, 21.02.1983) - French actress, director and screenwriter. She played the role of Suzanne Dreyfus in Quentin Tarantino`s` Inglourious ublyudki` ( `Inglourious Bastards`).

Lauren was born in Paris, France. Her mother - a ballet teacher, and his father - on specialist articulation (It was his voice, for example, speaks Ned Flanders in the French dub of the animated series `Simpsony`). Melanie was born a charming green-eyed child. Although she grew up in the actor`s environment, it is quite a long time and did not think about this profession; Only by sheer luck she had to change her mind. In 1998th she was on the set of `Asterix and Obelix against Tsezarya` ( `Ast & # 233; rix et Ob & # 233; lix contre C & # 233; sar`) with a friend (whose father was a member of the shooting team) and attracted the attention of famous French actor Gerard Depardieu. He was so impressed with it that he offered a role in his next project - `bridge between two beregov` (` Un Pont entre deux rives` or `A Bridge Between Two Rivers`). Although she played the role of Lisbeth was not large enough, the girl from now seriously interested in the profession.

In 1999, she again hit the sights of cameras - in the television movie `Route de Nuit`; where he played the role of young Francesca.

In 2000 - being only seventeen - Melanie got the role of Clara in `This is my telo` ( `Ceci est mon Corps`) Rodolphe Marconi. Together with her in the film played by Louis Garrel and Jane Birkin. The film was warmly received by critics and was a film festival in Cannes in 2001 th. In total it has received ten nominations for the award `Sezar`. In the same year she received her bachelor`s degree - majoring `kinematograf`.

Through comedy Michel Blanca `Kiss someone hochesh` (` Embrassez qui vous voudrez`), Melanie became quite famous actress. In the film, she played a young Karol, girlfriend character Gaspar Ullelya Louis. Couple after a while once again joined in the drama Rodolphe Marconi Last den` `(` Le Dernier jour`); for both this picture became virtually the same breakthrough in her acting career.

Melanie played several supporting roles in hit films, including - in the drama about the relationship of father and son `My heart beat perestalo` (` De battre mon coeur s`est arr & # 234; t & # 233; `). This picture has collected a number of deeply positive reviews and won several film awards.

Directed by Philippe Lioret saw the game Melanie `My heart beat perestalo` and she was so impressed that he offered her the main role - Elsa` Lili` Tellier - in his film `Do not worry, I have everything normalno` ( `Je vais bien, ne t`en fais pas`) without listening. In October 2006, Melanie received the prestigious award named after Romy Schneider for the masterly execution of the role of Lily. She also received an award in the category Sezar` `` The most promising aktrisa`; This award is the French equivalent of the American `Oskara`.

The 2007th Lauren was another breakthrough in his career. She was invited to a number of films, giving them an opportunity to demonstrate the extraordinary acting talent in a variety of roles. The film `Room smerti` ( `La Chambre des morts`) was the first thriller actress; Here she played a major role - Lucy Hennebell. Unfortunately, the reviews were quite uneven - the audience and the critics could not understand, to taste it, this picture or not. However, the game Loren anyway was as always excellent and brought the actress nominated for an award in the category Lyumer` `` Best aktrisa`. Melanie also starred in `Every Jack has his Dzhill` (` Jusqu` & # 224; toi`) - French-Canadian romantic comedy directed by Jennifer Delvoder. Melanie got the role of Chloe, a French businesswoman, falls in love with an American tourist luggage (played by Justin Bartha).

The 2008th Lauren starred as a young student Letizia in the work of Cedric Klapisch `Parizh`. Also she got a new opportunity to appear on the big screen - as Stella, Escort-employee and love interest of the protagonist in the thriller `Ubiytsa` (` Le Tueur`) and play the world-class violinist Anne-Marie Jacques in the film `Kontsert` (` Le Concert`). The most important in the 2008th, however, had the opportunity to officially take part in the Cannes Film Festival. `Palme Vetv` she received, but it resounded as a director of pornographic short film` His nog` ( `& # 192; ses pieds`), released a little later for the cable TV channel Canal +, the project `X Femmes`, dedicated study of female sexuality. It is in the process of working on these porn films Melanie received an invitation from the Quentin Tarantino in his upcoming epic film about the Second World War `Inglourious ublyudki`. Within four months of filming, Melanie learned to use the old model kinobudki, learned English and received from the director of a considerable fraction of inspiration.

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