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Year of birth : 2002

Age: 13 years

Place of birth : San Francisco, California, USA

Citizenship : United States

Explosive mixture of hip-hop and electronic music

`Meanest Man Contest` - American electronic hip- hop duo from San Francisco, California (San Francisco, California), who performs and records, since 2002.

Blumberg and Steuer, who were roommates in college, foundthat their interests with respect to contemporary music more than the same and began to write rap over a decade ago. Then they gathered friends and organized in Santa Barbara (Santa Barbara) hip- hop command with a name in the spirit of the times - mic.edu.

The band members are Quarterbar, aka Noah Blumberg (Noah Blumberg) and Eriksolo,aka Eric Steuer (Eric Steuer). To date, the duo appear discography 2 albums, 4 E

The P, 3 singles and 5 compilations, the latest release is dated 2013 year.

In fact, the duo called `Meanest Man Contest` was born after a trip Blumberg and Steuer upstate in Oakland (Oakland),where they methodically searched disintegrated musical flea markets, hoping to find a suitable samples. The result of these efforts was a series of short tracks, a kind of collage, which was released in 2002 as their debut single `Meanest Man Contest` on the label ` Weapon-Shaped`. The first duo album, `Merit`

Including jazz samples and live guitar ,I came out in 2003 on an independent Los Angeles label `Plug Research`. In recent years, the duo has greatly expanded his musical horizons by issuing eccentric EP `Some People`, electronic single ` Throwing Away Broken Electronics` and pure hip- hop releases `Split` and ` Partially Smart`.In 2013, in the famous Oakland vinyl label `Gold Robot Records` released their second and final album on ` Everything Worth Mentioning` today.

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