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Shtatovskih undisputed king of punk, "Dead Kennedys", were formed in San Francisco (CA). Their appearance in the 80-ies on the music scene with a poisonous and convincing sound was the most significant event of the American underground (at least until the "Nirvana").

Even today, only their name may cause some shock. Initially the group was a quintet,but before the recording of the first album from the command dumped second guitarist nicknamed " 6025 ". Thus, as part of "Dead Kennedys" have only four : Jello Biafra (. Eric Boucher, p June 17, 1958, Denver, USA ; vocals), Klaus Florida (Geoffrey Lyall ; bass), East Bay Ray Glasser (Ray Pepperell ; guitar) and Ted (Bruce Slesinger ; drums). The results of activities of the team have been extraordinary. Biafra, bred in part by Brit- punk 70s, in part on the work of local groups from San Francisco type "Crime" and "Nuns", was finished frontman. His actions could never be called safe : he wings his audience mat, then jumped off the stage into the crowd. Here are some well-known " tricks " Jello : first he made me a wedding in the cemetery, and then ran for mayor of San Francisco (and was in fourth place in the polls) , and then threw the crowd to its stripped on stage.

Dead KennedysV his texts "Dead Kennedys" have always found vulnerabilities in society.A striking example of their satire is a song against the neutron bomb ,

"Kill The Poor". The debut single group, "California Uber Alles", was dedicated to the " new era of fascism " that flourished under the governor of California, Jerry Brown. The ensuing "Holiday In Cambodia",mercilessly parodied posh life of college students on a background of indifference to the suffering of others, caused by US foreign policy. Despite the complete absence of air, the composition of the group "Too Drunk To Fuck" hit the UK Top 40. After a brief collaboration with the American "I.R.S.Records " and the English " Cherry Red Records " Biafra founded his own label " Alternative Tentacles Records ", which became well - written alternativschiki colleagues such as " TSOL "," D.O.A. "," NoMeansNo " and " Beatnigs ".

At the same time the group left Sesinger (later founder of "Wolverines"),and has failed to fit into the dynamics of the music "Dead Kennedys". He was replaced by Darren Peligro (Darren Henley, ex- "Nubs", "Speedboys", "Hellations", "SSI"), who played the guitar before in "Jungle Studs" and even had time early drummed in "Red Hot Chili Peppers".

Dead Kennedys If the debut album, "Fresh Fruit For Rotting Vegetables",It was made in a traditional musical format, on "In God We Trust, Inc." sounded some elements of thrash. The CD "Plastic Surgery Disasters" although did not share the immediacy of "Fresh Fruit", but contained several stunning songs such as "Trust Your Mechanic", with typical apocalyptic feed Biafra, attacked on the value of services,and "Well Paid Scientist", which mocked Jello careerism. Album "Frankenchrist" was more thoughtful at great songs such as "Soup Is Good Food". The cornerstone of the work session "Dead Kennedys" was "Stars And Stripes Of Corruption". The theme of this single Biafra then constantly used in his solo career. Disc "Bedtime For Democracy" was the last studio work group. It "Dead Kennedys" have returned to the aggressive rate of the previous mini- album.

After that Biafra mired in court disassembly over design "Frankenchrist". In the end, he was able to defend himself, but by the time the band almost split up. Subsequently, Biafra had a cameo solo career marked by cooperation with "D.O.A." and "NoMeansNo". Florid released three albums in the "Alternative Tentacles", and the East Bay Ray founded the "Scrapyard" project.

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