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Birthday : 11.10. 1970

Age: 45 years

Place of birth : New York, Queens, United States

Citizenship : SShA

Originalnoe name: Lana Murer

Original name: Lana Moorer


10 years of hip-hop. In the past three years it has been seen in the circles responsible for the rhythm and blues and soul, but his face is not lost. At age 23, under the alias MC Lyte Lana released the first-ever female rap "golden " single "Ruffneck", and three years later to repeat this success with his famous creation "Keep On, Keepin `On". During his career, he has recorded seven albums, the last of which "Seven & Seven" was released on August 18. Lana his childhood in two of the most dangerous areas of New York - Queens and even more in Brooklyn. It seems no different from their peers, he loved to play, fool around and just loved. But my father and mother soon parted, and she had to repeatedly change their place of residence and to leave with old friends. In 1985, her younger half (by his father) Brothers Milk Dee (Milk D) and Dzhizmo (the Gizmo) - by the way, Lana herself taught to sing them - made AUDIO TWO duo, but find a decent label and sign him worthy to arrange their father the contract could not. Then Nat Robinson (Nat Robinson), a computer analyst ,who never trusted television advertising, the assurances of managers and drawing up contracts slippery, he decided to do a musical career sons, which founded the label First Priority Records.

The rapid success of records AUDIO TWO, especially those of their classics like "Top Billin `",Robinson let a tiny company to get support Atlantic Records, which began to spread through the recording musicians First Priority Records.

Soon it was time, and sister Lana, who tried to compose rap as early as 12 years of age. Since childhood, she wanted to seem worse than it really was ,but it turned out songs much better than in real life. My father became her manager, and her first single anti-drug "I Cram To Understand You (Sam)" 16 -year-old Mademoiselle recorded here, but did not dare in the past 10 years to escape from under the parental wing. This song became a classic of female hip-hop. Musical accompaniment was minimal, the work of the producers of the AUDIO TWO child and seemed unprofessional, but the microphone was MC Lyte, who smoothed his talent all youth defects.

I must say that until the hip- hop has not yet heard from the woman`s hand as a living, soulful handling of the microphone. But she was much more experienced rivals such as Sweet Tee and Antoinette, in which at one time invested much more and waited for the competitors they will not have, the more zamuhryshek such as still young MC Lyte. By the way, the most ardent opponentki our heroine was not the two ladies, and some Roksenn Shante (Roxanne Shante),with which MC Lyte soon turned the whole war of words. But no matter how tried to humiliate Shante Lana in his songs by washing it with a thick layer of mud, MC Lyte ogryzulas only twice in her direction, but mostly kept his cool and did a really cool, burning soul rapalternated with various political slogans " Love Story " from her home life and the ghetto was a hundred times cuter with ** ki Roksenn and all the female rappers of the time together.

Her debut album "Lyte As A Rock" with hits "Paper Thin" and " 10 % Dis" Light presented not only an innocent 18 -year-old girl who has not yet learned to lie to the microphone ,and possessive of a rare unique conversational style that is available except that the women of our Ryazan. And she it looked rather as an advantage rather than a vice or bad habit.

Since the recording of its second disc "Eyes On This" Lana felt that it could manage the vast army of men ,who like her free manners and not a bad figure. Her concerts were always sold out, and the crowd of fans obeyed her every command and demanded " encore ", even when she performed on stage for more than two hours at a time. For the life of sleepy men danced on her show as teenagers, and adored her.

In general, back in business with a second albumThat would be better than the first incomparable - it is for the rapper`s most difficult and honorable thing. It has traditionally found a place a few classic hits such as "Cha Cha Cha" and "Cappuchino", demonstrated a more great dance music MC Lyte and cooperation have become the crown of old and new producers such as King Of Chill,Pee MD and Marley Marl. In essence, the Light has not changed, continuing to grind the listener about the dangers of drugs, violence and the vicious nature of the possibility of AIDS and cancer. But she was older and tougher.

Two years later, Light recorded perhaps his most versatile disc "Act Like You Know".It suddenly struck all their melodic songs and to engage seriously in soul music, adding to the usual drums and keyboards bekam his songs, do not believe it, live instruments. Well, about love lyrics and say nothing. Call your girlfriend, make yourself comfortable and - forward under the "When In Love" or "Eyes Are The Soul".There is clearly not without the work of the famous producer Quuen Latifah Mark The 45 King, privnesshego in MC Lyte music sounds romantic saxophone. But do not despair, there were things clockwork. For example, "Big Bad Sister" or "Absolu-tely Positively. .. Practical Jokes".

The fourth album, "Is not No Other" if you want - you do not want ,and Lana had to move away from their problems - branded hybrid pop and hip-hop. At the very peak of fashion in the gangsta rap people wanted to experience the reality of songs, lyrics to try on his life and make his eyebrows. Light decided to not disappoint their fans and load their brains staroshkolnyh large share tracks with even harsher vocals and music.As a result, he received the first-ever female rap "golden " single "Ruffneck". Some do not even know it, when the radio began to turn songs like "Fuck That Motherfucking Bullshit" or "Steady Fucking". Ice Cube " Faka ", Dr.Dre swore, but to MC Lyte! Finally, it happened!Over the next three years before the release "Bad As I Wanna Be" Light retained a reputation for restless activist. It has helped (and hindered) sing many famous (and not so) rappers and souleram deducted round sums to charity and regularly " filed " in the fight against AIDS, has opened two of its own cafe - restaurant (in New York and Atlanta) . Generally Atlanta she really liked, and to work on her fifth album helped local girls pripevochki of the popular soul groups of Xscape. When released the album itself, its contents, opinions were divided. Old MC Lyte fans longed to see in him the producers of at least one of the previous companions rapper and were clearly not in the spirit ,while the newly acquired fans were very happy for her, because with the Light now works themselves Jermaine Dupri (general producer of So So Def), R. Kelly and Rashad Smith (producer Busta Rhymes and A TRIBE CALLED QUEST). In light of this, Lana Moorer stopped swearing in his songs became extremely seriousand texts in some way even began to resemble Grandmaster Flash and RUN-DMC. Dramatically reduced the number of " shaggy " songs (under which it was possible to jump, poorat, bark and shake head) . But no one could take away from her the merits of the winding "Cold Rock A Party", the classic "Everyday",and the "Druglord Superstar" - it`s very cool and topically. It can be very difficult to immediately cater to fans of pop, rhythm and blues and hip-hop, but still possible. And "Bad As I Wanna Be" a living example of this. In this light, it seems incomprehensible only the decision not to release a remix album "Badder Than B Fore" in America.Only that she released a new album "Seven & Seven". This time she made a bid to help Missy Elliott and LL Cool J. It`s old staff, so it is quite natural that Lana is insured. Following the example of Latifa Light already has the managerial company Dupe The Moon Productions, and tries to act in films. On account of its cast already has the role of single mothers in the film "Fly By Night", and soon you will see it in the film "New York Undercover". MC Lyte is already planning her life after the rap and is considering options for a new benefit from their talents. During her career she repperskoy much succeeded. Together with colleagues Queen Latifah and Yo Yo she formed a clear image of a role model for all who are young, feminine, and from birth has a dark complexion. She - the only female MC, who worked for all these years, no less than men, most rappers.

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