May Whitty

Picture of May Whitty

Date of Birth: 06/19/1865

Age: 82

Citizenship: United Kingdom


Mary Louise Witty was born in the English city of Liverpool 19 June 1865. For the first time on the stage she poyailas in his hometown in 1881 and then moved to London, where he started her career in the West End. In 1892, Mae married Ben Webster Manager, and in 1985 she visited the United States, where Whitty appeared on Broadway. Their only daughter, Margaret Webster, who became an actress, was also born in the US in 1905. In 1918 she was awarded the title of Lady of the British Empire for her charity rubotu during the First World War.

Her film debut was held in the UK in 1914, and in Hollywood she appeared for the first time in 1937. In the same year, May was nominated for "Oscar" for her role as Mrs. Bremson in the film "Night has to go." In 1938, Witty starred in Alfred Hitchcock`s "The Lady Vanishes", where she played gubernantku Miss Froy, and a year later she left the UK and moved permanently to the United States, although US citizens did not receive. Later she played in many theaters, as well as actively continued to star in Hollywood. One of the most notable roles Whitty following years became Lady Beldon in the film "Mrs. Miniver" (1942), a role which she was again nominated for an "Oscar" as Best Supporting Actress.

In 1947, her husband died Whitty Ben Webster, and a year later of cancer at the age of 82 and she died May. It was not May 29, 1948.

Selected filmography

1937 - The night has to go - Mrs. Bremson

1938 -ice disappears - governess Miss Froy

1941 - Suspicion - Martha MakLeydlou

1942 - Mrs. Miniver - Lady Beldon

1943 - Eternity and a Day - Mrs. Lucy Trimble

1943 - Dangerous Dive - Grandma

1943 - Lassie Come Home - Dally Fadden

1943 - Flesh and Fantasy - Lady Pamela Hardwick

1943 - Madame Curie - Eugene Madame Curie

1943 - His Butler`s Sister - play themselves

1944 - Gaslight - Miss Bessie Thwaites

1944 - White Cliffs of Dover - Babysitting

1947 - Green Dolphin Street - abbess