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Date of Birth: 06/10/1984

Age: 32

Place of birth: Dnipropetrovsk

Citizenship: Russia

New Hero series

Birthplace Maxim Studenovskaya - Ukrainian city of Dnepropetrovsk (6 October 1984). As a child, the boy did not show any particular creative inclinations, and at the end of the school decided to follow the example of his father-soldier. He enrolled in the Baltic State Technical University (former Voenmech) and began to study the fundamentals of rocketry. However, by the third year Maxim realized that serious mechanical-mathematical discipline it has not attracted and decided to change specialty - still to some. Failed raketostroitel apply for admission to several St. Petersburg universities, including in the Theatre Academy. It was there that he was lucky, and Studenovskaya was enrolled in the workshop GM Kozlov. It turned out that Maxim wonderful innate plastic, well-intoned the voice, but also still a very big musical abilities. Persevering mastery of the actor`s craft, as well as the creative intuition Maxim Studenovskaya allowed him to brilliantly fulfill the challenging role of Prince Myshkin in the graduation performance, and to receive the award for her B. Strzhelchik.

After graduation aspiring actor began working in the theater `Masterskaya`, as well as on other stages. Among his starring roles - Misha Balzaminov also brilliantly played by him in his student years, Pigva from `A Midsummer noch`, teacher of` Two nights in a fun dome` etc .; In addition, Studenovskaya began to create music for plays.

Theater-goers celebrated actor created the organic images, the accuracy of the Incarnation, the wealth of facial expressions and intonations, and his natural musicality, intelligence, self-irony attracted the attention of filmmakers.

Like many students of theater craft, Maxim tried to act in films. His first appearance on the screen - a recurring role in the TV series `The man at okna` (2009). It was followed by many films and serials of different genres, while in 2011, viewers have not seen Studenovskaya as Oleg operative in `Cop voynah` (fifth and then the sixth season). Successful were also supporting roles in `` Narkotrafike` Predatele` and episodes in the anthology `Anekdoty`.

In the spring of 2012 on the NTV channel, the premiere of the series `Hvost`. Adventures of the protagonist played by Natalia Ungar and her son, the novice investigator Kostik Khvostov, who plays Max, the audience liked. For the first success was followed by a number of roles, the audience warmly received - in `Night lastochkah`, comedy mini-series` Chef politsii`, `Vasilevsky ostrove`.

In 2012, Maxim Studenovskaya began to participate in the project series `Two fathers, two syna`. His creative tandem with Dmitry Nagiyev, without any doubt, can be attributed to a new and successful stage of his creative career of the young actor, turning it into a real TV star. The actor continues to star in the TV series, working in the theater, wrote the music for the new productions. In his spare time he likes to play football and to play music. As for the meeting of its second half, the love of his life still ahead of Maxim.

Author: Andrew Puminov

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