Maxim Sidorov

Picture of Maxim Sidorov

Date of Birth: 07/10/1972

Age: 44

Place of birth: Moscow

Citizenship: Russia

Serge, come out!

Author: Ina Demkiv

Website: Celebrities

& # 61472; I`m always interested in the person as a person. Your first profession -Pictures. Why Photo fascinated you?

- It`s all because of two traits of my character: greed and envy. Seeing something beautiful, I immediately begin to envy the nature - how wonderful she is so beautiful out. And then I try a piece of this beautiful hide in his pocket. A camera helps me in this.

The choice was yours or someone was an example in this profession?

- Primera was not, I chose myself. For three years I was sitting at a desk in a half-turn to the teacher, because he did not look up from his classmates. At first she was embarrassed by such attention, then I called to come and say have anything! But I had nothing to say - I was looking at a high forehead, aquiline nose, slightly upturned lip and wondered, "How wonderful all fashioned!" Mentally traced a finger bends, as if sculpted from plaster. But plaster on hand was not, so I took the camera.

What images in the pictures are interesting for you? (Landscapes, animals, people`s faces?)

- By a youth of landscapes as something not thought - attracted beauties portraits. But once flipped through photo site on the landscape pages, and chat become green as a meadow green with envy! Where people find such beauty ?! You look at the trail, birch trees, stretching into the horizon, and in the soul garmoshechka plays. Some songs start to develop melancholy - they say, is wide, you, Rus-mother, far-Dorozhen`ka path.

You get the pleasure of photographing the process or result?

- From the result, I sincerely admire, even more often than not their photos. I remember how impressed I Photo: "House built by my father." He sits up ladybug legs. Well, where is, I think, a house? I peered into the droplet on ladybird back, and there is for sure - the house is reflected! Wow! Align the whole house and Little girl trying! And wove a family history. Cool, right?

Do I have expressed myself in this profession?

- The best of my photos - the ones that I did not. One such photo I have not turned right the other day. When I go to work, the sun rises to greet me. On the way, I often meet a wonderful girl. And it is remarkable (Do not giggle !!!) protruding ears! Under other circumstances I would not have paid any attention to the ears, but when they shine through the morning sun, the ears are shining so crazy pink flames, but the direct light from the inside! Every time I look at it and silently squinting. Words difficult to pass, but it is very beautiful! So how to make a photo? Stop the girl and say, "Let me take a picture of your ears?"

How do you perceive the world: the smells, sounds, or other -So what? What is more important to you?

- It is a matter of some dough, huh? I wonder what the answer is correct. What I perceive ... Hands probe. It is no wonder that teach that bulge thumb raised man up the evolutionary ladder. And remember, the USSR did not sell bread in cellophane bags, and naked? And the counter was a special spoon tied to a rope. Therefore, according to the rules it is necessary to check the world a spoon. And then grab and bite.

What color can be associated with them?

- Hope Orange. He`s such a festive, generous, fragrant, round. A ball - a perfect figure! (By the way, if you still do not notice) ...

Reading your funny stories from Maxim Sidorov, we can assume that you have the makings for a good literary work. Your preferences in the literature? (Detective stories, memoirs, historical novels, melodrama?) Is there any favorite authors?

- At the time of reading is not enough. I love listening to audio books. Like it! Cheerful author Pelem Grenville Wodehouse. There was a time, he read 5 books. I love him began with the series "Jeeves and Wooster". I love this series and even TV series "Friends"! Here I have to roll his eyes and moaned softly, as if the finished candy "Drunk cherry". Mmmmmmm !!! (I`m talking about their favorite TV shows).

What are your musical tastes?

- My 20 stations set up in the order of 4 waves with relaxation, jazz and classics 6 - conversational news, 3 - energetic dancing. And the rest - so ...

You hooligan character?

- The school was rowdy. My pride - a piece of Blog with comments. One of my favorite records: "We throw at passers cheese curds!" (It is not clear to passers-by on this day bad weather, why I am a cheerful ...) It is a pity that after the third grade, I learned how to skillfully hide the blogs and the comments written not as much as I I deserved.

What do you do in situations when it is necessary to urgently seek a way out and immediately make a decision?

- Sit down and as luck would have tuplyu - really do not like the hustle and bustle!

What are the main victory over himself, you can recall?

- So far I have only lost themselves.

Teachers -narod categorical. How to treat the school to frequent absenteeism in the shooting?

- In the studio I issued a special certificate on the beautiful form, "stroll legally." Teachers sometimes tried to blackmail me: "That will tell the studio about your bad behavior - to shoot you stop" But I suspect that the filmmakers on the drum and uspevaemost my behavior.

What is your favorite subject or subjects in school, if any?

- Again, if you believe the comments in the diary, it is singing: "On the singing lesson, whistling, shouting, stomping their feet." Perhaps the soul singing, so I fell into exaltation. And I liked literature, Russian and biology.

As perceived "young star" classmates?

- This notion of "star" did not exist. Why not ask for autographs. One girl called me "Pogorely actor theater", that`s all attentions! I must say that while the children were much more modest, and feelings skillfully concealed. And they were in love incognito for several classes. (I was just consoling himself).

In addition to filming movies and the "Jumble", it was still a - what a hobby? Or after the shooting was no longer any time or on any - another fad?

- I went in a circle on the biology, cacti grew in an accelerated procedure bypassed pharmacies and hairdressers, there broke off pieces of cactus seedlings, and they rapidly okolevali.

I grew up on the outskirts of Moscow, on the street of Ivan Susanin. It is a popular hobby, we had to set fire to tires and roll them into a deep ravine - the local leisure center.

& # 61472; your childhood, you might say, went on the set. The first major role in a film by Eduard Bocharov "Nedopesok Napoleon III