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Date of Birth: 07/28/1982

Age: 34

Place of birth: Bright

Citizenship: Russia

The romantic hero and `Dr. Kloun`

Author: Andrew Puminov

Website: Celebrities

Maksim Matveyev - a native of Bright (Kaliningrad Region, 28 July 1982) Parents Maxim were far from the creative professions - his mother, a philologist by training, worked in the library, and his father served as an assistant captain on a fishing vessel. When he was three years old, his parents divorced and his father since he has not seen more. In order to feed herself and her son, the mother of Maxim he took any job and raising a child engaged grandfather Vladimir. Fortunately, Maxim`s mother met the man who became not only her loving husband, but the real father of Maxim. The family moved to Saratov, they had a another son - Vladimir. Maxim was good at drawing and attended art school, was seriously engaged in fencing, and became a candidate for master of sports. One time he dreamed of surgeon profession and even attended special courses for students, but for final exams finally determined the choice in favor of the Law Faculty of the University of Saratov.

Maxim graduated from high school with a silver medal, and the ball at the district medalists his destiny took an unexpected turn. After competitions and dance to the young man approached leading the evening, actor Vladimir Smirnov, and advised him to meet with Valentina Ermakova, a teacher of acting faculty of the Saratov Conservatory. To my surprise, after listening to Maxim was admitted directly to the second year, under the guarantee Smirnova that he will be able to eliminate the difference in the academic course of the year. Performances acting department was a remarkable event in the cultural life of Saratov. Percy Maxim was the debut in `Royal igrah`, then in the same play, he began to play more complex and require considerable acting role Cromwell. In this setting, it was a lot of dance and plastic numbers with which Matveev, despite the lack of choreographic experience, perfectly managed. The great interest of the audience and the play called `God kloun` in which Matveyev got the main role (Nijinsky), and in the course of the play, he had to demonstrate the elements of classical choreography. In 2002, with a degree of the actor, Max decided to try their forces in the capital. Without much difficulty, he entered the Moscow Art Theatre School in the course Zolotovitsky I. and S. Zemtsov and began to take part in the Moscow Art Theatre productions. Chekhov, in particular, played a knight Geoffrey in `Piedmont zvere`. In 2006, he received a second diploma, Maxim Matveev began to play on the stage of Moscow Art Theatre. Chekhov, as well as `Tabakerki`. His best roles of critics and audiences believe in `MOIRRON Kabale svyatosh`, Dulchin in` last zhertve`, Govorukha-Servant in `Forty pervom`. On the stage of `Tabakerki` Matveev served rolilorda Goring in the play` The ideal muzh`, Irtenev in `Dyavole` and Murzavetskaya in` Wolves and ovtsah`. Among the performances that made self-talk - an unusual statement `Perfect muzha` director K.Bogomolova in which a mix of genres turns sharp social satire. Missing from Wilde Artemia father role played by Matveev, he was awarded the `Golden maski` (and at the same time attempts were made to `unknown Orthodox aktivistov` disrupt the play).

Maxim Matveyev debut in the cinema took place immediately after the end of the School. He was selected for the cult film `Stilyagi`, but his scoring took place a long time, and the audience got acquainted with DJ Denis from` Tiskov` and Vanya Averin of `Thank you for lyubov` before a compelling and elegant of the Fred` Stilyag`. Successful there were such films as `Rate novogodniy` (Andrew, 2008),` obmenu` for Wedding (2011, Sasha). `August vosmogo` (Alex), and others. Young handsome actor was assigned the role of the romantic heroes, military, and in 2012 Maxim Matveev has played an unexpected role for himself a serial killer in the TV series` Mosgaz`. He tries to be as reliable in all of its Rola. So, for the filming of the TV series `Military gospital` (2008) Maxim two months was an intern in the surgical department, and learned how to apply the tire, making cuts and other manipulations. Last date Matveeva work on the screen began to show `Besy` in which he played Stavrogin and adventure` Fort Ross` (both works 2014). In 2015, a goal expected to yield several projects involving Matveeva. This historical film `Viking`, retro thriller` Kontributsiya`, the series` Mata Hari`, a remake of `A visit to Minotavru` called` sledovat spruce Tihonov` and series about Soviet athletes `They played for Rodinu`. The actor is also working on the dubbing of films - his voice say Maxim Kammerer in `Inhabited ostorove` (2009) and the wolf The secret` Madagaskara` Penguins (2014).

It should be noted and active volunteering Maxim Matveyev in children`s hospitals. He currently serves on the board and is the artistic director of the charity fund named `Dr. Kloun`, which organizes performances in children`s hospitals. Despite its youth, the famous actor has twice marriages. In 2008, Maxim Matveev married actress Jana Sextus, who was his partner in the play MAT `Forty pervyy`, but two years later they parted. According to rumors, the reason for this was the novel, which broke out on the set between Maxim and Lisa Boyars. In 2010, Max and Lisa were married, and in 2012 they had a son Andrew, the favorite grandson of Mikhail Boyarsky.

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