Maxim Lagashkin

Picture of Maxim Lagashkin

Date of Birth: 10/12/1976

Age: 40

Place of birth: Novokuibyshevsk

Citizenship: Russia


Maxim Lagashkin born October 12, 1976. After RATI (formerly GITIS) where he was trained in the studio of Alexander Goncharov, Maxim was admitted to the troupe of. Mayakovsky.

In the movie, Maxim Lagashkin debyutirovalv 1997, she appeared in the mystical thriller, Karen Shakhnazarov "Harvest Moon". Two years later, in the crime comedy "Chinese service" Vitaly Moskalenko, the actor played the role of a sharpie.

Since 2002, Maxim Lagashkin many starred in various television series "Kamenskaya-2. Men`s games "(Sergey Sergeant)," the Act "(Pump)," Diary of a killer. "

In addition to acting Maxim Lagashkin activity in recent years, and serves as a producer. In 2003, he produced the TV series "Breed" director Vyacheslav Sorokin and "Honeymoon" by Oleg Kompasova, and in 2004 - the film "Russian" by Alexander Veledinsky, which also starred as "Magellan."