Maxim Gelman

Picture of Maxim Gelman

Citizenship: United States


In Brooklyn Gelman arrived in 1994; with him and his mother arrived in the United States Svetlana. Father Maxim settled in the country two years earlier; however, obtaining the status of an American citizen, he preferred to return to their historical homeland. In 2005, the official US citizenship and received Maxim and Svetlana. For some time the young man he studied at the local school (Abraham Lincoln); in his spare time he liked to skateboard and graffiti. On the basis of the latest hobbies Maxim repeatedly got to the police; however, damage public property was by no means the most serious of the offenses Gelman - way back on January 26th of 2011, Maxim seized crack cocaine dose. Later police representatives said that Gelman was a drug addict and - which, however, is not exactly proven - he was selling drugs.

What is the role played by drugs in an event on February 11-12 of 2011, it is now hard to say; According to the official version, the main role played by Maxim actions unrequited love. Kill Streak guy started in the morning on 11 February; the first victim was his stepfather, who declined to give careless Gelman car keys. During his obstinacy Alexander Kuznetsov received 11 stab wounds.

After securing the coveted car, Maxim went to some Bulchenko Elena - his old sweetheart. I met his mother, Helen, Anna; Maxim and I dealt with it, and then decided to wait for `lyubimuyu`. She came home after 6 hours; Gelman attacked her almost immediately. Bulchenko tried to escape from the ardent suitor, but Max was faster; then later on the body of Helen counted more than a dozen stab wounds.

Again, stepfather sat in the car, Gelman went to go all over Brooklyn. Of course, on the speed limit Maxim did not pay any attention; for a long time, he managed to avoid explicitly emergencies, but in the end Leksus` Gelman `` slowed down in some Pontiak` Arthur Dikreshento. 60-year-old driver was lucky - he escaped with `all-navsego` severe wounds. Max, meanwhile, took over `Pontiakom` and continued its mad race. Knocking 60-year-old pedestrian, Gelman decided to change the car again; `Pontiak` leaving, he tried to take a taxi from a passing Fitz Fullerton - one, however, had a decent resistance. Maxim did not stay without a car - almost immediately he took possession of a transport Sheldon Pottinger.

On further adventures Gelman the day little is known. Car Pottinger found in Queens; Maxim himself was manifested only in the morning - in the subway. Another victim was the one of the passengers; Gelman woman angered by the fact that reading an article about his previous adventures. Peres to another train, Maxim wounding another passenger, and then tried to get through to the engineer. Gelman was represented by a police officer; This, however, did not help him. In the cockpit at the time were real police - Metro guard was seriously strengthened due to the fact that Maxim had done the day before. The killer was arrested and taken to the police station; during the search he seized six knives - two Gelman were at the time of arrest, four more were captured in their stepfather in the car.

Defender Maxim has already stated that his client - absolutely sane and their prospects is fully aware. Gelman himself claims to be a victim of some kind of a carefully planned provocation in the terrible events of Friday and Saturday in no way to blame.