Maxim Evseev

Picture of Maxim Evseev

Date of Birth: 11/21/1976

Age: 40

Citizenship: Russia

I still want to play Hamlet

The impact is on the level of sight and mind. It seems that the actor simply translates the viewer image, status, using a minimum of external methods.

Fans of the movie on the forum wrote about wanting to learn your biography ...

Born and raised in Moscow in 1976, in the hospital, not far from "Kakhovka" metro station. I love the area, love to pass near the place where I was born, though, it is clear that nothing about his time in the house, I do not remember. (Smiles.)

Who are your parents in the profession?

- Mom economist by education. She graduated from the Plekhanov Institute, but worked in the specialty long. When I was little, sometimes she would take me with him to work - in the Scientific-Research Institute of the art industry. I remember how her colleague gave me to play with all sorts of trinkets - of ivory, ivory, wood ... Now my mother is engaged in hunting dogs. She breeder Russian Borzoi, goes with them on hunting and exhibitions.

His father - a professional driver, changed a lot of professions, but almost all of them were related to driving.

How did you become an actor? We dream about this profession since childhood?

- I would like to say so, but ... no, not wanted. It so happened that I changed school. And when he came in 232nd, there just recruited a theater class. The teacher we had an actor Maly Theater Vladimir Safronov, who later became the artistic director of our course at the Higher Theatre School Shchepkin. So I found myself in a theatrical institute, and after some time - in a theater.

As first came to the movies?

- I think that if a stage actor living in Moscow or St. Petersburg, then sooner or later gets into a movie. And it must be very strong to love movies and television, not to be on one of the survey sites.

I went to the movies a fairly late age at 28. I think that was in 2005, when I happened to be on the casting. It was a project "Life - hunting field," I have it - a small role - detective Misha Litvak. But this character is "passed" through all 16 episodes.

The most important is your role - in trehsezonnom project "Era Archer" - detective Alex Leonidov. What brings you to the "Era of ..."?

- Now is the time, removed a lot of detective stories, and, therefore, the characters are either opera or villains or victims. I had a chance to "visit" the perpetrator, the victim, security officer, a police investigator and the prosecutor, an employee of the PPP ...

As for the role of Leonidov, everything happened suddenly. In th 2006 I received a call from St. Petersburg, and was invited to the studio "Panorama" on the casting. It seemed rather strange that a call from St. Petersburg and Moscow invited the actor. I even thought I do not whether friends joke? After all, such jokes are common in the actor`s environment. But I know that this studio is really there, and called from there. Assembled and went to the casting, especially in St. Petersburg, I have relatives live. It was about twenty contenders ... And soon called me and said that I approved erzhden.

Directed by "Era ..." Maxim Kubrinsk the question of why you have chosen for the role, he said to me, "Max then were thought and irony in his eyes ... I hope he is a retained".

I hope so too. (With a smile.) This was the position of Maxim, he was fond of saying that you have to play Leonidova eyes.

On the site`s forum write your Leonids - an ideal, a dream woman. And what you have in life: the same ironic, quick-tempered, direct, uncompromising?

Yes, it is sometimes violent. I can break some household items, mobile phone. With people hope, I behave more delicately. Anyway, I try.

You, too, could have been so patiently as Alexey Leonidov, endure the whims of his wife?

- Like any married man, of course, I snoshu whims of his wife. In another way, perhaps, could not be.

Do you like Leonidova, eyes life so sad, even when you`re kidding me, why?

- We Leonidov generally similar in appearance: he has my face, my eyes and hands. (With a smile.) I used to be my artistic director said that, probably, I am not very happy ...

But you optimistic?

- I think I`m incredibly optimistic and sad eyes that very reason. Well, what sad pessimist? It was originally prepared for unkind turn of events. But the optimistic hopes for the best, and suddenly ... The joke, of course.

You have in the "Age of ..." was an understudy?

- Of course, there were professional stuntmen who performed a series of tricks, such as jumping from the second floor. But something had ever done to me.

What you and your life has changed over the three years of filming?

- I do not know. M-uh, I moved from one rented apartment to another .... (Laughs.) That`s all.

You start in life to think like your character when you work on a role?

It happens that you do so anyway, precisely because he would do so?

- No, rather, my characters take something from me, not vice versa.

From what you go, making the role that your heroes have become so alive?

- Have they become so, I do not know. And going by my experience. The experience of the actor, as a human being, more than can be put into the role of the director or screenwriter. It`s - all his previous life. But, of course, and the director can suggest something.

You have seen the work of our police before the shooting "Era Archer?"

- Watched? Yes, but the task force did not go on assignment, such an opportunity I did not. And in general, whether the show to be like a living or not? It`s a movie, a work of art. In the film, there is usually a story of a man, regardless of his occupation, he does certain things, and that is the actor (from the word "act, action") tries to make the frame. And like you, for example, the Leonids on this policeman - this is not the most important thing for me.

You say that in going from their experience. Avot in "Pyatnitskaya" you played blind ...

- Yes, it`s a completely different person, a different story. Actors love to play character roles, characters with the broken fate. My character is deprived of vision. And reliably know about his condition, I can not. Such things are played. But it is necessary not only to play it. It is not easy in life and because it lives with his daughter, whom he loves, and about which I would like to take care of the full ... But it understandable to all things. How Aleksei Isaev turned like a blind man, to judge the audience.

In the movie "The Game" you play a gangster. And if your opera was a brave man, then this character because of the circumstances covered by fear. You state this familiar?

Of course, like every other. Modern man does not have much strain to imagine this state. We are often faced with some things that scare us. We can never be sure that we get to the house without incident, we are afraid of losing a job, fear for the health of their loved ones. Just like my character in the movie "The Game", which fears not so much for himself as for his wife. By the way, and Leonidov of the "Age of ..." from time to time had much to fear for the life and safety of his wife.

Why not played a lot of roles in movies? I refuse?

- I refuse to roles in mainly when work in the film overlaps with the work in the theater. Soon 16 years old, I work in the theater "School of Modern Play", and I have a responsibility to their team. If there is nobody to replace me, I will make a choice in favor of the theater ...

I heard from the stage you have read the Ascension. And you have a favorite poet?

- No such thing for me does not exist. You can not choose someone of the rest. I like and Ascension, and Brodsky, and Okudzhava, and Mayakovsky. For some reason, remembered as a young man early in the morning I was standing in line, helping parents, and to pass the time reading a "cloud in my pants." (. With a smile) Imagine: winter, seven in the morning, a very long queue, and I`m under a single flashlight - with a small volume of Mayakovsky ... I suddenly remembered today that have not opened Mayakovsky.

And whom you frequently open?

- Now I rarely read fiction - probably because it read as a child. I read the adventure, detective, science fiction voraciously, always and everywhere: in food, in transport, in the classroom. And sixteen years suddenly became interested in the cognitive, scientific and popular literature. And now I read, but somehow spontaneously. I can read poetry, if Yandex and got "hooked" an interesting line. Recently, I was suddenly interested in Darwinian table types and wanted to know which detachment include squirrels, martens. Tomorrow, perhaps, forget about it. Interesting history books - Soloviev, Gumilev, Klyuchevskii, a lot of things ...

What you are now particularly concerned about?

- Although our conversation today about the movie, but I want to say about the fate of the theater. In recent years, more and more attention to the question of whether Rossiirussky Repertory Theatre is needed. Theaters, which are supported by the state, is a non-profit theater, classical traditional repertoire. Usually, opponents say that in Europe, for example, there are so many state theaters, and - nothing, art is not suffering. But we are different from other countries and mentality, and territories and occupations. And we need a repertory theater: he keeps clean our language, our drama, which is part of our culture. Can we keep the powerful layer of Russian drama, if you try to translate theater commercialized? After all, philanthropy in our country is not developed to the full ... If we can not, then it once backfire.

You watch movies, TV shows?

- Yes, and among them there are those that I have in the past few years have shaken, and I would recommend their friends to see. Among them are "In Bruges," Martin McDonagh, "BEAUTIFUL