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Date of Birth: 09/06/1879

Age: 56

Place of birth: Berlin

Citizenship: Germany


Maximilian Shrek was born in Berlin on September 6, 1879. Acting training he received at the Berlin State Theater, where he studied until 1902. His acting debut on stage in the city of Speyer, and then for two years he toured Germany, speaking in Zittau, Erfurt, Lucerne, Bremen, Gera and Frankfurt. Then he returned to Berlin where he joined the theater troupe of the famous Max Reinhardt. Many members of this company, as well as Max, later made a significant contribution to cinema.

From 1915 to 1918, Shrek took part in the First WorldWar. In 1919 he joined the troupe of the Munich Chamber Theater, which performed on stage for the next three years. Most notable for his role in Munich became the owner of a freak show Glubb debut in the play by Bertolt Brecht`s "Drums in the Night." At the same time he made his debut in cinema. In several films with him came his wife, Fanny Normann, a marriage which took place in 1910.

In 1922, the film company Prana Film invited Max to the role of Count Orlaka in his first film, "Nosferatu. Symphony of Horror. " Immediately after the film`s release, the company announced bankruptcy, chtobyizbezhat payment of costs of Bram Stoker`s widow Florence. Bald, thin, with sinewy hands and long nails Count Orlock, whose image is created Max, make a lasting impression on the audience terrifying.

Two years later, Shrek has starred in yet another film director "Nosferatu

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