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Date of Birth: 07/24/1924

Age: 85

Place of birth: Chicago

Citizenship: United States

The founder of the modern computer industry

Max Palevsky, the youngest of three children, was born on July 24, 1924 in Chicago, in a Jewish immigrant family. His father, Yitzchak Palevsky, at a young age he moved to the United States from the Russian Empire, the mother of Sarah came to the United States for 8 years before Max`s birth. Yitzchak was feeding a family on wages of malaria. He had no car, and he drove all his tools on the trams. Max`s parents almost did not speak English, they spoke Yiddish at home, but failed to give children a decent education. The older brother of Max, Harry (1919-1990), physicist and became engaged in the development of the atomic bomb at Los Alamos labs.

After school, Palevsky spent a year at the University of Chicago, where he studied basic sciences and mathematics, and also studied electronics at Yale and graduated from a course without attending lectures. During the Second World meteorologist Max enlisted in the Air Force and the United States from 1943 to 1946 served as a military base in New Guinea, where he worked as a radio-electronic devices. After the war, Palevsky on public funds completed training, and in 1948 received a bachelor`s degree in mathematics and a doctorate in philosophy at the University of Chicago. Graduate School, he was held in Berkeley.

In the early 50s thanks to a lecture by John von Neumann, the founder of modern computer architecture, Caltech Max Palevsky discovered the exciting prospects of computer technology. Already in 1951, Palevsky got a place in the company `Northrop Aircraft` and began to create` MADDIDA` computer. Then the division was sold, and Max moved in `` the Bendix, where in 1952-1956 took part in the development of computer `Bendix G-15 `. In 1957 Palevsky moved to `Packard Bell`, and in another 4 years and 11 Palevsky his partners founded the company `Scientific Data Systems`, which was to develop and produce PCs. In 1969, the corporation `Xerox` `SDS` bought for a considerable sum of 1 ppb dollars and Max Palevsky, received 10 percent of this amount, has become a very rich man.

As an investor Palevsky funded a number of companies, including `Intel`, which has become a leader in the production of computer components, including semiconductors, memory chips, microprocessors, etc. Initially `Intel` is one of the smaller projects in California, which Palevsky together with Arthur Rock has invested heavily - $ 2 million in venture capital.. In July 1968 Palevsky became a director in the company `Integrated Electronics Corporation`, 2 weeks later renamed` Intel`. In February 1998, Max Palevsky became an honorary director of the company.

In 1970, Palevsky saved from destruction the most famous in the world of contemporary music edition, the magazine `Rolling Stone`, buying a significant stake and becoming a director and chairman of the board. He put the money in the film industry, financing the creation of films, including the romantic crime comedy `Funny adventures of Dick and Jane` (Fun with Dick and Jane) with Jane Fonda and George Segal starring, the film version of `Islands in the ocean `(Islands in the Stream) and Hemingway docudrama `Stoykost` (Endurance).

In addition to `Intel`, Palevsky was a director and chairman of the board of directors of a computer company `Silicon Systems Inc.`, A board member and the executive director of `The Daisy Systems Corporation` and director of the corporation `Komag Corp`, the main producer of media.

Despite the fact that Palevsky was not handsome, he married and divorced five times. He had six children, and at the time of death - and four grandchildren. Palevsky owned houses remarkable architecture, design, furniture and filled their art collections, which, among other things, has a fine collection of Japanese prints. Palevsky generously to establish and maintain institutions of art. So he donated a million dollars to the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles. In 1985 and 1988, respectively Max Palevsky included in the list of `400 richest Americans according to the magazine `` Forbes `. His fortune was estimated at 200 million. Dollars in 1985 and 240 mln. In 1988.

A graduate of the University of Chicago, Palevsky always retained a warm feeling to it. In the years 1972-1984 he was a member of Board of Trustees, in 1972 he founded the department of history and civilization, in 1996 - the fund for the financing of the teaching staff. In 2000, philanthropist donated to his alma mater $ 20 million. For the improvement of living conditions, and a year later the University completed construction of three huge new dormitories, communicating through underground tunnels. Max Palevsky named after university and a cinema, as well as the House of documentary films, the oldest student in the US Motion Picture Association.

In regard to the policy Palevsky favored Democrats. He supported Robert Kennedy, who died in 1968, in 1972 donated 300 thousand dollars to the campaign of George McGovern in 1973, helped to succeed Tom Bradley in the elections for mayor of Los Angeles. Max has had many influential friends and acquaintances in the political circles of California, including former Governor Gray Davis.

Max Palevsky died on May 5, 2010 from cardiac arrest at his home in Beverly Hills, California.

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