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Date of Birth: 08/17/1920

Age: 96

Citizenship: Ireland


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Maureen O`Hara (born Maureen Fitzsaymons) was born August 17, 1920 - in the family of Charles Stewart Parnell FitzSaymonsa (Catholic) and Margarita Lilbern (Protestant) - in a suburb of Dublin, Ireland. She was the second of six children. future actress`s father was a well-known businessman in Dublin, and - co-owner of an Irish football club Shamrock Rovers. Mother Maureen was the last singer (opera contralto), and after - a successful tailor.

At all times, the children in the family has been given a lot of attention - they were well educated (some were in school drama and oratory Ena Mary Burke School of Drama in Dublin) and brought up in a religious spirit.

Maureen wanted to become an opera singer, like her mother. In the future actress was an excellent voice, immediately attracts the attention of others. Parent daughter supported in its aspirations, but his father was against it. He was a practical man and did not consider a career worthy of the singer. Naturally, once he could not influence the decision of his own daughter, but made her promise that if her acting career went wrong, then it certainly will be back in business and become a typist, for example, or an accountant (formerly Maureen graduated from the courses, by the way, is very useful in the future it).

The first test of creative abilities of Maureen was unsuccessful. Casting the future actress did not pass, but attracted the attention of a famous English actor, who was struck by the extraordinary eyes Maureen. By the way, then it is the eyes Maureen began her pass to the set.

Soon Maureen has been actively acting, appearing in films of various genres, including comedy. She has appeared in such films as

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