Matvey Zubalevich

Picture of Matvey Zubalevich

Date of Birth: 08/12/1988

Age: 28

Place of birth: Ufa

Citizenship: Russia


Author: Igor BIN

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Matthew Zubalevich was born and raised in Ufa. After high school, the young man entered the Ufa College of statistics, computer science and computer engineering, which then successfully graduated. However, the specialty Matthew did not work, and instead entered the Ufa State Academy of Arts. Z. Ismagilov.

It should be noted that Matthew Zubalevich a childhood dream to become an actor, and that he had the opportunity soon. In 2006, the youth took part in the TV show channel MTV-Russia "You - a movie star", which, acting proyavivnezauryadnye data, reached the final. This success opened the way for him in the world of cinema - Matthew was invited to the role of the photographer, paparazzi in youth series "Club", and a little later, he starred in the role of Micah in the youth film director Ruslan Balttsera "Daring Days".


Roles in "Wildest days" and "Club" brought Matthew Zubalevichu popularity among the youth of the audience. There were first fans who celebrated the actor`s charisma, his charm.

After a series of minor works ( "Univer", "Father`s Daughter" and others.) On Matvei Zubaleviche talking again. In 2011, he took part in the TV series "Physics or Chemistry", tells the story of everyday life and problems of today`s high school students. Matthew Hero was Yuri Kharitonov - physical development, a handsome guy, who, thanks to their external data is a success with the opposite sex.

In the same year on the screens of the country started another youth TV project, which quickly became a high rating - series "Closed School". Matthew Zubalevich played a role in it Anatoly young.

We do not passed the attention of the audience and the actor`s other work - Korol`kov in the series `District` Nikita Bruhal in the film "Great Expectations", Artem in "Forest Lake".


2006-2009 Club - series

The Bold 2007 days

2008-2011 Univer - series

2009 Interrupted flight Gary Powers

2009-2010 Father`s Daughter - series

2010 This ordinary life

2010 The signs of destiny

2011 Physics and Chemistry - series

District 2011 - series

2011 Moscow. Three station

2011 Forest Lake (Ukraine)

2011 Great Expectations

2011-2012 School Closed - series

2012 Angels of War (Ukraine)